Shirt by: Boli and Chip
Jeans by: Armed Angels
Boots by: No Animal Brand
Kimono by: Under Protection

Remember when I talked about that I’m seriously lacking basics? Well, here’s a classic “jeans and t-shirt” outfit that has that little something. The star of the show is the Herbivore t-shirt. It fits nicely and has that vegan message in an elegant design.

The shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and ethically and eco-consciously made just like all of Boli and Chip’s products. Boli and Chip is a spanish brand, created by a vegan mom that offer shirts, sweatshirts, baby clothes, kids clothes and bags, all with a vegan message, simple and minimalistic. I love their prints and elegant yet minimalistic designs and of course, their philosophy! I could also see this shirt dressed up a bit with a blazer or making it more girly with a skirt instead of jeans.

The Armed Angels jeans are my number one go-to jeans. They are tight, skinny fit, in a classic colour and a little high waisted. If you are used to High Street jeans, be aware though: these jeans don’t have that high percentage of elastane that makes them super stretchy. So when they come straight from the washing, they are a little bit difficult to put on.

OVERKNEE BOOTS (currently 80€)
You won’t believe these are vegan and made in Spain!
Founded by a model and a stylist, the styles of No Animal brand are contemporary and fashion forward. They’ve received a Vegan Fashion Award by PETA for their design, vegan philosophy and use of high quality materials including anti-bacterial materials.

KIMONO 80€ (on sale)
I’ve been wearing this kimono a lot. At home as lounge wear, when I want to add a little warmth to an outfit or an extra layer an texture. It has tassels all over and a ties in the waist. Under Protection is a Danish brand that manufactures underwear, loungewear, swimwear and more ethically using sustainable fabrics.

Life Update: Today’s my 21st birthday but you won’t be seeing me in London’s vegan restaurants and rooftop bars tonight. I’m at a field trip in the Lake District with uni until Tuesday. I do want to celebrate my 21 years on earth though – next weekend. So be excited for birthday outfits on Instagram next week! 😊


Author: liviavanheerde

My name is Livia and I blog about a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. I live in Vienna and London where I study Environmental ScienceI. I am especially passionate about fair, eco-friendly and vegan fashion and you'll find lots of outfit ideas on this blog and my Instagram page.

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