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The weather gets cooler and everyone is getting their coats out of their closets. A good elegant coat is what I love since it makes your whole look more put together! I do like being comfortable so a nice coat and a good pair of shoes saves me from looking too relaxed. 

Coat by Cossac
Top & Bra by Essentials for Zula
Jeans by Armed Angels
Bag by The Noces
Sunglasses by Ace and Tate
Earrings by People Tree
Shoes by Mireia Playa

P1540986The Cossac coat is has that elegant and timeless black colour and a classic design but with a twist: it’s sleeveless! It makes the perfect layering piece for Fall and Winter. For a less cold Fall climate I just wore a long sleeve top underneath and some pair of jeans. But the colder it gets, the more layers you can add. My mum has always been the queen of layers! She told me to include lots of layers in Fall and Winter to either add or remove clothing depending on the changing conditions (it can get so hot inside and super cold outside in Winter, am I right). Well, I’m pretty sure she would love this coat!😉

Now to the details. The Cossac coat is a one size piece and it is made from tencel (so it’s vegan like all fashion on my blog). It is sustainably designed in London and made ethically in Europe. What I love about Cossac is not just their elegant yet stylish design but also that they design pieces that work for every season and are staples for a minimalistic wardrobe. #lessismore




People Tree earrings


The Noces bag

The ‘Malala’ bag is ideal to carry your essentials in. Put in your phone, cash or cards, your keys, a lipstick and some tissues (cold season is flu season) and either carry it as itself as a cute little clutch or put it in your bigger everyday bag to have your important things always with you. I love putting little bags into a bigger purse because it avoids that clutter in the purse and it’s easier to change bags without forgetting things (I don’t know how often I essentials because they were in my other bag!).

‘Our Malala pouch is an ode to the island of Madagascar and its legends: mysterious, attractive and just irresistible.’
The Noces is a family-owned business that produce ethically, sustainably and consciously (limited quantity every year to minimise waste). They even donate 5%-10% of their profit every year to charities in Madagascar!



Ace and Tate sunglasses


Essentials for Zula top & bra


The Mireia Playa Shoes have become my go-tos. They give you some height without being uncomfortable. Their design reminds me of something Fendi or Prada would do but without the cruelty! Mireia Playa only produce vegan and ethically made shoes.

The Armed Angels jeans are another staple of mine. Made ethically from organic cotton.

The Essentials for Zula long sleeve shows some skin on the back which is why I got their bra to show off their amazing strap design. A great Fall essential with a twist!

You probably know my ethical Ace & Tate sunglasses by now. I love them and love their new designs as well!
I’ve gotten the People Tree earrings a couple of months ago in London when they had a sale going on. People Tree is your address if you want inexpensive jewelry but want to avoid the High Streets.P1550001

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