VEGAN & FAIR OUTFIT: My new favourite dress + choker


I love dresses. They are easy to wear since you don’t have to match a top with a bottom. You just have to choose shoes and a coat/ jacket when it’s cold and you’re done. Love it.
This glittery dress is simple yet gorgeous and matches the choker perfectly. My good old black coat and my favourite heeled booties make the itsy-bitsy dress fall appropriate.

Dress by Noumenon (€118)
Choker by Noumenon €26)
Boots by Wills Vegan Shoes (£93)

The dress

I’ve had my eyes on this “Carrie” dress for a good year before I decided to buy it with some of the money I’ve earned during my internship. It’s perfection. Wear it for a night out to the club or at the bar, at daytime paired with sneakers or boots, in spring/ summer and fall/ winter (with a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath, a coat or jacket over it and warm boots). The dress is inspired by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw having her very first date with Big in Sex and the city. It’s easy and simple design made me fall in love with it. A new staple in my closet.
The fabric is amazing. It has a glittery sheen to it but it’s actually made from linen and not a plastic fabric which is why it has antibacterial properties. The dress is made ethically in Italy.
The company Noumenon is an all vegan, ethical and sustainable fashion brand based in Amsterdam.


The boots

These Wills Vegan Shoes black heeled boots look very similar to the ongoing sock boot trend that is happening right now. The add edge to the look while still looking feminine. I’ve been wearing them for a year, especially as motorcycle boots which is why they have a few scratches here and there. They are so comfortable yet stylish and made from vegan leather.

The choker

I bought the choker together with the dress. I think it matches perfectly! The label is Noumenon and you can read more about the brand at the dress section. It’s made from blush pink surplus furniture fabric.


Author: liviavanheerde

My name is Livia and I blog about a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. I live in Vienna and London where I study Environmental ScienceI. I am especially passionate about fair, eco-friendly and vegan fashion and you'll find lots of outfit ideas on this blog and my Instagram page.