I started this blog half a year ago. I wanted my own space where I share ethical and sustainable outfits and clothes and share a little bit of my views about sustainability, ethical and sustainable living and more.
Before I had my blog there was just Instagram. Every project starts small. The outfits were mainly by American Apparel (AA you are missed!), I had no idea about fashion photography (not saying that I don’t still have to learn), I hardly had any followers on Instagram, I had no collaborations with all these great businesses out there. However, being a full-time blogger was not my intention when I started out.
I do believe that it is possible to make a living of being a sustainable, ethical and vegan fashion and lifestyle blogger and influencer. But is that the end goal of my platforms?

What do I do when I’m not writing countless mails with ethical and sustainable businesses, creating outfits, taking photos in my outfits, editing the photos, writing a blog post and searching for new fair fashion?
– I am a full time student at the Queen Mary university of London studying Environmental Science.

Instagram, Facebook and the blog are my hobbies, my free time activities, my passion becoming more and more into a job.
I am in my second year of three years of study. In spring 2019 I officially will have my Bachelors degree.
So what comes after that?
A masters degree?
Working as a full time blogger?
Quitting blogging? Disappearing from Social Media?

The truth is that I have plans. I always have a few plans in the back of my head. Without goals I’m directionless. Even though these plans will probably change a bit or even a lot as I progress and find out more about myself, they are still there.

The truth is I’m not planning on being a full time blogger. I’m not planning on traveling the world with my boyfriend taking photos and recording videos everyday sharing outfits and living without a fixed salary. Simply because my boyfriend has his own journey, his own dreams and goals that he wants to fulfil and they don’t include being a full time Instagram husband. Simply because I want to have a greater impact on the world. Although I love reaching out to people that care about making this world a better place, it’s not enough for me. I want more. I’m not saying that being a blogger is not a valuable job. I simply want to work on other projects.
BUT don’t expect me to quit anytime soon. Maybe the topics on my blog will shift, change and turn this platform in something new. But isn’t change always good? Never settle, always progress. I don’t just care about what I wear. I care about what I eat, what I put on my body, the environmental and ethical impact of every good I purchase, the impacts of the economy and contemporary environmental issues including climate change.
For now, I don’t plan to quit outfit postings. However, I’ve been inspired lately to raise the awareness of sustainability and ethical businesses on my platforms (especially my blog). I want to write about other aspects of life too like ethical & sustainable home products, food, cosmetics – every product you buy can either have a positive or a negative impact on this world. I also want to write more about the issues that the environment and the labour market is facing. Since I am studying the environment I do want to integrate what I’ve learned and I’m learning here. My interest goes beyond the fashion industry (although it’s a big part) and I would like to talk more about the deeper background of this capitalistic system and it’s impact on the world that we experience in our everyday lives and should be talked about more.

I hope you are as excited for the future as I am!



Author: liviavanheerde

My name is Livia and I blog about a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. I live in Vienna and London where I study Environmental ScienceI. I am especially passionate about fair, eco-friendly and vegan fashion and you'll find lots of outfit ideas on this blog and my Instagram page.

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