Vegan guide to Cyprus, Limassol


I’ve spent 10 wonderful days with my boyfriend and family in Limassol, Cyprus during my Christmas break and let me tell you, we enjoyed every single day! The weather was perfect, not freezing cold like Vienna or London. I loved feeling the sun on my face in December and getting some Vitamin D in. The culture there was incredible!


Kolossi Castle

We’ve been to the castle from 1454 not far from Limassol and I quite liked it. It’s always interesting to see that old architecture and you can go on the roof of the Castle to enjoy a great view!



A must when you go to Cyprus! Kourion was an ancient city-state and you can still see its remains nowadays. It’s truly inspiring to see it! There is a theatre that is over 2000 years old, a bath complex, a Nymphaeum (monument constructed for nymphs), lots of old beautiful columns and more. Definitely plan lots of time for this one! You’ll need at least 2 hours to soak up all the incredible ruins! Plus, there is a great beach close to it, so make sure to go there as well!


Waterfalls and hikes

Cyprus is great for hiking! Choose one of the many waterfalls on Cyprus and hike there! I loved our hike through the forest and the waterfall at the end was the highlight. Although it was not as massive as the Tegenungan in Bali, it was still beautiful and a great day trip.



There are lots of small villages on the island that gave me serious Greece vibes. We went to walk around a village before we went on that hike and it was so peaceful and beautiful!




Lady’s Mile Beach

A nice beach in Limassol that has lots of Cafés and restaurants is the Lady’s Mile Beach. Make sure to look out for the Flamingos on the drive way to the beach! We’ve been there on the 25th when the restaurants were closed. It was still beautiful and calm in a good way.


Columbia beach club

I loved this beach club! There is a pool, chairs and tables at the beach as well as an inside area for when it’s a bit colder. The interior is very nice and gave me serious Bali vibes with their basket style hanging chairs and cool plants. Perfect to have a freddo espresso (vegan since it’s without milk) and chill a bit.

Vegan food

Cyprus reminded me a lot of Greece, especially Crete but it still was a bit different. During my teen years I’ve spent quite a lot of summers and Easter breaks at my godfather’s and my family’s villa on Crete. Even my boyfriend and bestie enjoyed their time their. When it comes to food, Crete has some amazing traditional vegan dishes to offer: fava, courgette balls, salads, stuffed vine leaves, bean dishes and more. So being vegan on Crete was never a problem.
When we came to Cyprus we didn’t know exactly how much vegan food we’re going to find but we knew it would be similar to Greece. It was a good thing that we stayed at my godfather’s and his boyfriend’s place so that we were able to cook at home on some days. For breakfast you have to go and get the amazing produce Cyprus has to offer! We ate sweet strawberries, oranges, apples, plums and more for breakfast and even found coconut yoghurt to change it up a bit. When it comes to dining out we’ve been to a tavern one time which was unfortunately not a good (vegan) experience. Their stuffed vine leaves were filled with pork meat and the only vegan dishes they had was a salad, french fries,  pita bread, houmous and tahini dips. So it was not ideal and Max just noticed that there was meat in the vine leaves after taking a bite (they didn’t say it on the menu) – vegan nightmare am I right?
The best restaurant we’ve been to in Limassol (except the incredible Four Seasons we’ve been to on Christmas Eve that made us a vegan menu) – Wagamama. I know, I know, it’s a chain restaurant that you can go to in London as well. But honestly, it’s perfect for when you travel with omnivores. Their vegan options are great and it’s situated in the nice Marina area of Limassol where you can look at the yachts and have a drink at a nice bar afterwards. We’ve also seen places that offer vegan falafel wraps/ pittas for example. So there are options if you go and look around. But I’d say Cyprus is more on the challenging side when it comes to vegan food.

Overall, I loved my stay in Limassol and I can recommend you going there in December as well since there are less tourists. I think it’s definitely an underestimated island that has lots to offer!




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