SUSTAINABLE & ETHICAL UNDERWEAR + my thoughts on basics & wired bras

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Black bralette by Saint Basics €30
Black brazilian bottoms by Saint Basics €18



From trendy to basic?

I’ve been writing about this topic a little in previous blog posts. When I first started this vegan, ethical & sustainable fashion journey I was always on the hunt for fair fashion that looked like the trendy fast fashion. I quickly got frustrated when I couldn’t find a trend in all the ethical fashion online shops. That was actually the reason why I started my fair fashion Instagram and blog. I wanted to show that – although it is hard to find – ethical fashion CAN look good. I wanted to find all the hidden gems from those fair fashion brands and show them to you so that you don’t have to. After a while (and after moving to a tiny 17m2apartment in London with a tiny closet) I got rid of a lot of my old and unworn clothes and had a closet filled with mostly fair fashion. I slowly realised that I prefer a more classic and timeless look over a funky and trendy look. I started my hunt for those perfect timeless yet ethically made basics.

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The power of basics

High waisted jeans, white t-shirts, blazers, black pants, black turtlenecks, and white/black/nude underwear – those are the essentials in a closet. Those are the ones that you’ll have a lifetime. Those are the pieces you’ll build an outfit with. Those are the pieces you can combine with those trendy pieces to make it look more put together. Those are also the pieces you’ll grab when you have no time to look put together. Let’s look at a case study 😜: When I go to lectures at my uni I keep it simple. I don’t dress up to work on statistics for carbon density in biomass. While I’ve just put on an XL sweatshirt and joggers in my first year of universty, I do still want to feel somewhat human when I go to university now. That’s when those basics come in handy. I have my own selection of uniforms that I grab and go: jeans + black turtleneck, jeans + white t-shirt (+ blazer), jeans + nude turtleneck, high waisted navy pants + long sleeve, etc. Combined with my big & classic black vegan Alexandra K bag, a black coat and black vegan derby shoes I feel comfortable yet good in my skin.

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Lace & garters vs. bralettes & stretch?

When it comes to underwear I’ve learned the same thing. While I love the aesthetics of lacey push-up bras, they are too uncomfortable and delicate for everyday. Plus, you need basic underwear sets in white, black and nude so that you’ll have underwear that doesn’t show under your clothes. Maybe this is too TMI for you but I’ve given up wired bras and push-up bras a few years ago and wear mostly bralettes nowadays. They are healthier for your lymph system (watch a video about wired bras and their effect on your body here) and they don’t make your breasts soggier longterm because your muscles don’t work that much when wearing wired bras. Bralettes give you the right amount of support. Now, I think the easiest way to buy ethical fashion is to buy basics. There are great organic, fair and vegan t-shirts, long sleeves and bralettes out there.

This bralette and brazilian bottoms set is made ethically from eucalyptus which is a vegan silk-like material that is softer than cotton. The label focusses on basics.

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This blog post includes PR samples but it is not sponsored 🙂

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