I’ve gotten a few questions about ethically made and sustainable mens wear and what my boyfriend Max is wearing. Max supports me with my blogging and Instagram and he has learned a lot about the fashion industry through me. He definitely doesn’t want to support unsustainable, unethical fast fashion anymore after knowing about slave labour and the pollution of garment manufacturing. When it comes to shopping, Max is rather a minimalist than a shopping queen. He doesn’t buy new clothing often and wears his clothing until it falls apart which I think is the way to go. His style is also very simple and timeless. He likes black, white, greys, jeans, plain t-shirts, leather jackets, boots, oxfords, pullovers, timeless coats, his 7 year old Ray Bans or suits and white shirts. Max’ closet is currently mostly filled with old clothing he got before he went vegan and before knowing about fast fashion. However, he has bought a few pieces from ethical, vegan and sustainable labels. I do have to say that I do a most of his shopping because his interest level of spending time looking through online shops is zero. So I have either gifted him some of his fair fashion clothing or I’ve picked out the pieces that I liked and let him decide and shop the ones he likes. I guess I will be his personal clothing shopper for the rest of his life. haha

Ethical, vegan and sustainable labels he likes

Armed Angels

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.06.16.png

Organic Cotton Sweater by Armed Angels

His go-to shop for clothing basics like t-shirts or pullovers is definitely Armed Angels. This label uses sustainable and GOTS certified organic materials such as organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester, Lenzing Modal and Tencel. They manufacture under ethical conditions and are certified by Fairtrade and Fair Wear Foundation.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.08.13.png

Grey Dock Boots by Will’s Vegan Shoes

Max has quite a collection of Will’s Vegan shoes and we both haven’t found a vegan shoe label for mens shoes that offers shoes in this classic style for a better price. The shoes are affordable, ethically made and vegan. They offer timeless styles like Oxfords, Chelsea Boots and Loafers but also Sneakers or Dock Boots. Will’s Vegan Shoes even manufacture vegan belts and bags and Max owns one of their belts himself.

Nudie Jeans

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.09.23.png

Black Organic Cotton tee by Nudie Jeans

While the jeans of Nudie Jeans unfortunately have a leather patch on them which makes them not vegan, their plain t-shirts are just Max’ style. They are made ethically in Portugal from organic cotton.

Second Hand shopping

Thrifting is the most sustainable and ethical way of shopping and Max really enjoys it. Well, he really likes thrifting in LA’s hip second hand stores filled with designer labels. His favourite store is Wasteland. I’ll be honest: We both are currently not interested in spending time looking for a good thrift store in London and Vienna. So when we walk by a thrift store we take a look inside and mostly Max has bough some pieces that way in the past. His favourite pieces include Diesel boots (non vegan but you don’t support animal cruelty when buying animal products second hand!) and Balmain jeans. Second hand shopping is a great way to buy these good-looking designer pieces for cheap and without exploiting the planet, humans and animals.

You like Max’ style and want some inspiration on what to buy at fair fashion online shops? Check out my blog post about all of the fair fashion pieces Max owns here!


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My name is Livia and I blog about a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. I live in Vienna and London where I study Environmental ScienceI. I am especially passionate about fair, eco-friendly and vegan fashion and you'll find lots of outfit ideas on this blog and my Instagram page.

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