I’ve written a blog post about wearing fair fashion as a male and how my boyfriend approaches this (you can read it here). I answered some questions I received about ethical menswear and I want to continue this series. So here are Max’ favourite ethical fashion pieces that he wears all throughout the year and loves to wear.

His style: his colours are grey, white, black and dark blue and he likes basic clothing that are timeless including sweaters, solid coloured t-shirts, shirts, suits, boots and dressing shoes. The majority of his clothing matches. That way, dressing himself nicely is very easy for him and he basically always looks good and put together without spending too much time thinking about it 😉

Grey Sweater €70

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.16.18

This sweater is made from organic cotton and is a more thinner sweater that can be worn on spring and autumn days or underneath jackets. It is GOTS certified and PETA approved vegan.

Grey Turtleneck by Armed Angels


This one is currently not available (probably because it’s summer) but Armed Angels is a label that focuses on basics so I am sure a similar or even the same style will be available in a few months.

Greyish longsleeve €30 (currently on sale!)

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.15.52.png

This top is great for layering or casual days where you want to feel comfortable. Max likes to wear it under his leather jacket (which he purchased before becoming vegan) with some jeans and boots. It is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and is PETA approved vegan.

Classic shirt in white and light grey €70

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.26.39

This shirt is more casual than a proper shirt you’d wear with a suit. Max wears it if he just wants to wear a shirt on its own without the jacket. So for a more formal occasion but not too formal (like a dinner, going to a classical music concert,…), if you know what I mean. He also wears it with jeans, a leather jacket and boots on “normal” days. It is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and is PETA approved vegan.

Classic t-shirt in white and black €20

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.26.28

Max is all about the timeless basics. The majority of his t-shirts are either black or white and those are the ones he wears the most. He loves that timeless classic look of wearing a black or white t-shirt, jeans, boots or dressing shoes and his leather jacket. It’s that cool 60s rock inspired style. He also wears his white t-shirts under his shirts when wearing a suit. This t-shirt is made from GOTS certified cotton and is PETA approved vegan.

Grey dock boots £82

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.08.13

Convincing Max to buy vegan leather took some time. But once I found the brand Will’s Vegan Shoes I was able to slowly change his mind. He now has quite a collection of Will’s Vegan Shoes. These grey (Timberland inspired) dock boots are his go-tos during the winter months. They add some height (ssshhhttt his secret to looking a little taller) and look extra cool. And again, this style of boots has been in style for years and years. These boots are made from Italian faux nubuck microfibre upper and are water resistant and breathable. The uppers do not mark or stain in wet and dirt. The linings in these boots are powered by plants created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops in a carbon neutral process. And of course, the shoes are ethically made in Portugal under EU health and safety regulations. They are vegan Society Registered and PETA approved vegan.

Black slim sole boots £88

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.42.18.png

When I met Max we were both meat-eaters and far away from this ethical, sustainable and vegan lifestyle we are living now. His style however, hasn’t changed that much though. Back then, he wore this kind of black boots and now he still does – just a vegan version. They are PETA approved vegan, ethically made in Portugal, have a wooden heel and burnished Italian faux leather microfibre uppers that are water resistant and breathable.

Vegan black belt £36

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.47.46

Max is a skinny guy and he has a very small waist size. So belts are mandatory for him. The fact that the belt has to be vegan and cannot be made from the skin of an animal is also mandatory for him. Fortunately, his go-to label Will’s Vegan Shoes has classic vegan belts as well. It is ethically hand made in a small family run factory in Portugal. The brass buckle is nickel free and the vegan leather part is made in high quality Italian microfibre. And of course, it is PETA approved vegan.


Black patent vegan leather shoes for special occasions £88

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.55.42

For those formal occasions Max likes to be extra and wear these patent leather shoes. They are made from Italian faux patent leather microfibre uppers and are water resistant and breathable. Since they are from the label Will’s Vegan shoes as well, they are ethically made in Portugal and PETA approved vegan as well.

Classic black t-shirt £38

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.09.23

One of my personal favourite t-shirts that he owns is this Nudie Jeans t-shirts. It has a very cool and casual style. It comes with a higher price tag than his Armed Angels t-shirts but it adds a little bit of spice to his wardrobe. It is ethically made from organic cotton jersey.


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