FAVOURITES OF THE MONTH (JUNE) – vegan shoes, long distance relationship, stevia and more

Better late than never: June is over and summer has started. Here “are a few of my favourite things” of the previous month. Fashion, lifestyle and food are this months categories. I hope I can inspire you to try out some of these!

Fashion favourites

Tote bags

This might be random but the bag I used the most (besides my boyfriend’s backpack that broke after using it extensively….oopsie) are tote bags. I used them during my fieldwork and I think they need to be appreciated more. I mean. they save the environment by preventing plastic bags from ending up in the ocean!

Love Sofie sandals


The vegan, sustainable and ethical shoe label Love Sofie sent me some shoes of their new collection and I loved these black and nude sandals a lot! I wore them with the Vildnis jumpsuit below and my black People Tree jumpsuit (not available anymore) when I went out for dinner.

Vildnis jumpsuit


I wore this jumpsuit for both casual and more formal occasions and that’s why I love this piece. You can look fancy (while feeling super comfortable!) but also use this clothing item to the fullest and wear it during the day by dressing it down. It is ethically made form organic cotton and Tencel.

Earrings by Julia Sizilien

I’ve been really loving both the studs but especially the creole earrings by Julia Otilia. They are gold plated and handmade in Bali and I love the minimal look of them!

Lifestyle favourites

Candle of the month


Apart from how beautiful these candles look in my flat, they smell amazing. I’ve been trying out the vegan soy wax Ginger & Lemongrass candle this month and it smells really refreshing and somehow it fit perfectly to June to me. I love lemongrass drinks in summer so this candle seemed appropriate. Plus, the sunny yellow adds a bright colour to your room decor. The girl behind Vegan Bunny is the cutest ever! Definitely check out her vegan pins too!

-Natural & Vegan Ginger & Lemongrass soy candle by Vegan Bunny £12

Time alone

Me on the first day of my fieldwork for my final year Uni project – completely alone, doing my thing

This has been bitter-sweet. I was forced to live alone for a longer period of time (for the first time of my life!) when my boyfriend moved to Frankfurt, Germany. There have been lots of tough and emotional moments during that time. Not necessarily because I wasn’t with Max but because I was forced to feel my emotions. No distractions. Just me and my thoughts. And since I’ve been going through a weird and difficult time in my life, I had a lot of negative thoughts and emotions I had to deal with by myself. Because even when Max called whenever he had time and texted me, he couldn’t be there for me 100% since he simply didn’t have the time.
However, besides those moments filled with negative emotions, I also had moments where I genuinely enjoyed my alone time. I still need to learn to enjoy it MORE. But I’ve learned a lot already.


A selfie of me in my flat soaking up all the sunshine

If you are used to “favourites” posts that are filled with products, you are probably going to think “what the hell is that weird blogger doing?!”. But yes, I am including sunshine. It is free and currently present in London and I LOVE IT. I’ve even gotten a little colour (on my face) while doing my fieldwork which is a big deal for me because 1) I am SO pale and 2) I am not going on vacation this summer so I am taking every sun ray I get, thank you.
Also, how underrated is sunshine?! It gives us vitamin D and keeps us happy and healthy. Everyone who lives in Northern and Central Europe doesn’t get it enough so let’s appreciate it.

Favourite place of the month

Walled garden at Fulham Palace

I think the photos speak for themselves. I discovered this place in West London by accident after I finished my fieldwork of the day and it was just a magical garden that made me feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Food favourites


Smoothie bowl sweetened with stevia

I’ve been making smoothies and smoothie bowls for over 4 years now. I’ve never made them without using some kind of sweetener. I eat very healthy but the natural fruit sugars are just not sweet enough for me when I blend the fruit with water (or plant milks). I love sweetness just too much. So I’ve been using maple syrup, agave, coconut sugar and many more alternative sweeteners. But to be honest, even those sweeteners are not super healthy. So I was super excited to rediscover stevia. I never liked stevia because I thought it tastes weird. But then I ate porridge sweetened with pure stevia when I was in Cyprus and I immediately ordered my own from Amazon. Since then I use it in every smoothie and smoothie bowl and I love it! Plus, it’s healthy. Win win.

Smoothie bowls

It started that Max moved out and I knew that I had a month of living in London alone before I move to Vienna for the rest of the summer. So I decided to limit my grocery shopping and use up the food I had in my pantry. Since I had a lot of nuts, nut butters and seeds in my pantry, I rediscovered my love to smoothie bowls and topped them off with my nuts and seeds. I AM OBSESSED. It fills me up and gives me energy for my fieldwork. My go-to recipe is:
blending frozen berries, frozen bananas, stevia and water or soy milk
topping it off with cacao nibs, fresh strawberries, chia seed pudding, pumpkin seeds, fresh banana slices, cashew or almond butter (used up the almond butter now so I am currently using up my cashew butter)

(This post includes pr samples, it is not sponsored)

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