Doing social media & blogging as a job – most asked questions & insights

I’ve been getting more questions on insights on doing blogging and social media as a job and I think it’s time to answer and tell you a little about this profession – or is it a hobby? Let’s get to it!

Is blogging and being Instagram influencer really a job for me?

This blogging thing is not a part-time job where I go after my uni lectures and go home after my shift is done. It is a lifestyle. I wake up and go on Instagram: I read comments, like comments, reply to comments and direct messages, like photos of other influencers (being active on Instagram is important for your own profile to grow!), watch stories (which helps me to improve, grow and be inspired to do new things with my stories) and maybe even post my photo of the day. During the whole day I try to post stories throughout and be active on Instagram whenever I have minutes to spare. I write e-mails and Instagram direct messages (potential collaborations) all throughout the day. When I am in the bus to uni, when I am waiting for a supervisor meetings, I have even written replies while meeting friends or family sshhhhh. I write blog posts in bulk and schedule them when I have time and do photo shoots whenever I have time. Do I get paid for that? You could say I get paid when I get a sponsored collaboration. But when I don’t have a lot of time or I simply don’t find a company that is interested in sponsoring a post, I do all of the above work for fun and unpaid. So yes, this is a job for me but not every month. I personally love blogging so much (most of the time) that I want to keep on doing.

How much time do I spend working?

As you can imagine after reading the answer above, this is SOOOO hard to say. It is like asking someone self-employed who builds their business how much hours in a week they spend working. They most certainly will say that they don’t know and that it’s their life. Well, for me it’s even more difficult since this is not my full-time job. I go to uni and I have other side-projects. All of these things are not tied to a timetable (except the occasional lectures) so I do them when I feel like it (or if deadlines are deadly close).
I might be able to answer this question in a few years, when I’ll have a full-time job and when social media is my weekend and lunch break project. Read more about my future in blogging and what I’ll do with my social media in the future here

Blogging as a sustainable/ethical influencer

I am a niche blogger. I don’t accept a lot of collaboration offers I get from mainstream brands. I approach a lot of brands myself so that I get collaborations. Since fair and sustainable fashion is mostly a small business, I get A LOT of replies saying that they don’t have a budget for sponsored posts. What most influencers (and Marketing professionals) think when reading something like this is: if you don’t have budget for marketing, you are doing something wrong. Marketing is everything and social media has become huge in it. What I really answer is that I understand though. You can’t be rude to clients, right? Plus, most of the time the company is a fashion label so I try to at least get some pr-samples, not because I am hungry for new fashion in my closet but because I want new labels and pieces to show YOU!
After I asked for feedback on my Instagram, I got A LOT of comments that you are mostly here for my outfits and for discovering new fair fashion labels. That is why I accept a lot of unpaid collaborations. But if I am honest, it’s not always fair and I should decline unpaid work. Well, it’s not a perfect world.

Fashion labels (at least the fair fashion ones) often don’t pay. Maybe because production costs are expensive for them or maybe because they think I can be honoured to get their clothing “for free” (I think you understand by now that nothing I get is for free. I work a lot to get pr samples). I don’t know. But what I know is that food, cosmetics or other small  (and more inexpensive) product companies are more likely to sponsor influencers. Good thing that my focus is on fashion, hah! I got a comment from someone that said, they are not interested in food products and I read underneath the lines that I should stop showing cosmetics and food and other products other than fashion. Well, the reason why I have to leave my fashion focus sometimes is because I do want to get paid here and there for my work (the work I do on a day to day business like mentioned above!) and if an amazing vegan, natural and organic cosmetics or food company wants to work with me, I say yes! Why not? I have VERY high standards and only recommend products I like (that’s why I always test food products before recommending them/ starting a paid collaboration). Plus, my long term goal is to still have a focus on fair, vegan and sustainable fashion yet talk about other ways to live ethical and sustainable on an everyday basis as well!

How to become a social media influencer and blogger – no BS answers

I get that question a lot but there are so many articles, e-books and videos about it that I will only touch on this briefly.
Social media is like socialising in real life: if you sit at home all day, people won’t get to know you and you won’t get to know new people. You have to get out in the world and communicate with people so that people see you. Instagram is just like that. You have to like photos, comment and follow people so that they see your profile.
I think it’s ridiculous when influencers claim you simply have to have good photo content and post regularly. That’s simply not true for (an estimated 😜) 90% of cases. Post regularly, post in as many ways as possible (IG story, videos) and engage with other people. Your content doesn’t even have to be so brilliant. There are countless successful influencers that only use their phone to take photos or that even mostly post mirror pics. A niche can be a great way to stand out from the countless influencers nowadays but it also comes with cons which I briefly mentioned above. And like everything in life: you need consistency. Post everyday for 2 years and you’ll make it. While I think I know a lot about Instagram “influencing”, I am still not an expert when it comes to blogs. So I won’t touch on this.

I hope I answered a lot of questions here and gave you an insight on this thing called blogging and being an influencer. If any questions are still unanswered just comment below!

Author: liviavanheerde

My name is Livia and I blog about a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. I live in Vienna and London where I study Environmental ScienceI. I am especially passionate about fair, eco-friendly and vegan fashion and you'll find lots of outfit ideas on this blog and my Instagram page.

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