FAVOURITES OF THE MONTH (JULY) – Life update, pole dance, Vienna, vegan skincare & more

How is July already over? This month’s post is very different from my June favourites post (which was all about London) since I’ve been spending this month in Vienna and I have lots of favourites to share with you! This month’s favourites includes the categories fashion, vegan beauty and skincare, food and lifestyle. I hope I can inspire you!

Vegan & organic skincare

MADARA face masks


Vegan red Snowberry bag by Labante


This little red bag has been my best friend this month (sorry Sarah). I love that it gives that pop of colour to neutral coloured outfits and it matched my beloved red top by Aware (shown above) perfectly. I also love that you can wear it in different ways. Across the body, simply on your shoulder or as a belt bag by wrapping the chain around your waist❤️

Summer wardrobe

When I packed my suitcase for Vienna, I tried to be clever and pack only clothes that are summer appropriate (dresses, skirts, shorts, short sleeves). When I arrived in Vienna I noticed that my “summer wardrobe” (in quotation marks because I wear some pieces all year round) needs a lot of improvement. I have noticed in the last year or so while styling a lot of outfits for my Instagram and blog, that basics are key and that I really want to work on building a wardrobe that is timeless. Well, my summer wardrobe is all over the place. Lots of different styles, different colours and it’s hard to put together different outfits. So I guess the “favourite” of this story is to realising that I am in the need for good basics and I hope I’ll have a better summer wardrobe next year lol


Family & friends in Vienna

I like living in London. However, my family and my friends I’ve known for years all live in Vienna. And since I am a full-time student in London, I don’t get to fly to Vienna for longer than a week or so – except for the summer months. This summer is different than last year. I am spending (almost) my entire summer in Vienna. So it has been so wonderful meeting my loved ones and connect with friends from the past again! I also really enjoyed discovering the city of Vienna again. It is such a beautiful city!

Vegan food


If you have been watching my Instagram story, you know that I have been taking advantage of the best fresh & naturally made vegan ice cream place ever: Veganista. They make amazing flavours and I’d choose Veganista ice cream over vegan Ben & Jerry’s in a second. Ice cream in the summer is a must for me since it’s one of my favourite dessert foods.

Simply Raw Bakery

This cute little raw vegan bistro is right next to the primary school I went to as a kid! How perfect?! It offers raw vegan breakfast, juices, smoothies, raw vegan lunch, raw vegan treats and my favourite: smoothie bowls. I am a big time fan of smoothie bowls (as you can see in my June favourites post)! And Vienna is a great city and has a lot to offer, but finding a place that offers smoothie bowls or even good smoothie bowls is almost impossible. Simply Raw Bakery might be a little expensive but I love going there with a friend or even on my own to just relax and treat myself with one of their fruity bowls.


I splurge a little more when I am in Vienna and eat out a little more often than in London (also because I meet a lot of people when I am in Vienna, to stay in touch with them). However, I still try to make my food at home as much as possible so that I don’t spend too much money and stay healthy. For dinner I am having salads with my mum always every day. Tomatoes, cucumber, corn, lettuce, beans or chickpeas, fresh herbs and more is our standard  recipe. We eat it with some bread (Austrian bread is the best in the world – just my opinion) to balance out the healthiness 😉

Watermelon and smoothie bowls

One of my favourite fruits/foods and it can only be eaten in summer: watermelon. Since I love it so much (and since my mum’s blender is good but I am scared of breaking it if I’d use it as much as my Vitamix in London), I alternate between watermelon and smoothies bowls.


Pole Dance

I don’t have a gym membership in Vienna. So getting my exercise in is a little tricky for me here. My mum and I have been doing pole dance for about 2 years and my mum did it on her own for an additional 2 years while I was in London and she is a proud owner of her own at-home pole now. That is why I have been doing as much pole dance/ fitness as possible. It is harder than you’d think and I’ve been getting major upper body soreness from it. I’ve also been going to pole dance classes (at Elfenbein pole dance) with my mum sometimes.

Home workouts

Besides that, I have been doing home workouts. My mum has some weights at her place for arm workouts and you don’t need equipment for ab exercises, right? I don’t have a special routine, I just do the exercises that come to my mind and that I feel like doing.


Cornelia Grimsmo
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 13.01.17

If you watch Youtube videos, you might know this: You subscribe to a channel and get obsessed with it. Then your life changes and you change and the channel just doesn’t serve you anymore. That’s what happened to me regarding Cornelia’s channel. I’ve been watching her videos a couple of years ago and then stopped because they weren’t right at that time. A couple of weeks ago, I rediscovered her and binge-watched her latest videos. I am addicted. She talks about life in general and how to live life consciously. I cannot describe it any other way. You have to see for yourself.

Kristen Leo
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 13.02.39.png

She’s been a favourite for a long time, not just this month but I have to include her. I’ve been writing about Kristen’s content on the blog and sharing her on my Instagram too. She is the queen of thrifted fashion, veganism, sustainability and ethical living and her videos about the fast fashion industry are bomb! This month, I loved her video on why fashion models are so thin.

Valerie Stalzer
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 13.00.16

My favourite Instagram account this month has been Valerie Stalzer’s. I’ve met this girl this month twice and she is sweet, intelligent and stunningly beautiful! She is a model and actress and is passionate about veganism, fair fashion and sustainability. Her photos are so high quality and I love the honesty of her Instagram story.

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