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I can’t believe August is over. I am not sure if I am ready for Fall yet. But August has been fun. I’ve been in Vienna, Carinthia (countryside of Austria) in Frankfurt and even Grado, Italy for 3 days. I cannot complain. I didn’t plan too much and did what I felt like doing. I spent lots of time with family and friends and met new people. Here are my favourite parts of August:




I’ve been wearing my hair up in a bun or ponytail a lot during those boiling hot days. The   ethically made JAN ‘N JUNE scrunchie was the perfect tool to keep my hair healthy while wearing my hair up and still looking cute. It looks like silk but is made from 100% recycled polyester offcuts – meaning it is totally sustainable! It’s also available in a palm leaf print.


If you saw me walking through the streets of Vienna or Frankfurt, chances were pretty high that I wore vegan, sustainable and ethical shoes by Love Sofie. These slides are my go-to when I just run out to get groceries or when am too lazy for shoes I had to close. They are made ethically in Portugal from vegan plant leather and recycled pet-polyester. The print is made in collaboration with the Swedish artist Josefin Liljeqvist.



I love how big the vegan LaBante bag is so that there’s lots of room for my tote bag, phone, money, lip product, my passport (when I am traveling) and more. It was perfect fro traveling and since it is a cross body bag, it’s still light-weight and comfortable to carry. Plus, I love the design including the gold hardware! It is all vegan and PETA-approved.



I visited Max in Frankfurt again and I had a lovely time – even nicer than last time! We went to a lake, to the Steigenberger Hotel for coffee, ate vegan food at new places and went on night outs. The perfect trip. During work days when Max was in the office, I mostly stayed at his place to work at home.




Food wise there hasn’t changed that much from last month. I ate watermelon, smoothie bowls and went out to eat when I was in Frankfurt. For dinner I ate a lot of quinoa salads I made at home with my mum. It varied what I put in it but basically the recipe was the following:
-chopped tomatoes
-chopped cucumber
-chickpeas or lentils
-topped off with seeds or nuts like pumpkin seeds or pine nuts
-and avocado



I loved going out to a club or bar and dance all night. It definitely is a workout. When I was in Frankfurt I danced until 3 am and when I opened my health app on my phone I saw that I already had done 12000 steps for the next day! So when I went on a day out in the city with Max I reached more than 20000 steps for that day! LOVE! I am especially obsessed with reaching my minimum 10000 steps a day since I currently don’t have a gym membership so I need all the movement I can get.



Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.41.18.png

I’ve been following Jil for years and I loved following her journey to eating healthy and vegan food and healing her conditions. I drifted off her page some time ago because I was interested in other topics more but I rediscovered her (just like Cornelia I featured last month) again! Because she has grown so much as a person and influencer since I followed her. She talks about mental health and how to get a positive attitude to life while also talking about healthy vegan (and lot of raw) food. The reason why I love her Instagram page is because it gives me lots of positive vibes and inspires me to work on happiness – because happiness doesn’t just come to you, you have to work for it.


This video reminded me to try harder, to do more and better. Do you know the saying “trying to be the best version of yourself”? I am living by this – but the environmental, sustainable and ethical version of it. It is hard to live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. So you always need a reminder to try again. This video is well research and well made with great visuals and editing. It is about the sugar and candy industry. Definitely watch it!


I was literally writing this post when I saw that one of my favourite content creators, Kristen, uploaded a new video. Again, she did an amazing job on researching the facts for the video and used great visuals to keep it interesting. It’s always good to refresh my memory on the different fabrics out there and how they are ethical/ unethical/ sustainable/ unsustainable.

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My name is Livia and I blog about a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. I live in Vienna and London where I study Environmental ScienceI. I am especially passionate about fair, eco-friendly and vegan fashion and you'll find lots of outfit ideas on this blog and my Instagram page.

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