The best fair, sustainable & vegan picks current fashion has to offer

It’s no secret that I love fashion. I made a promise to myself that I would never ever buy unethical, unsustainable or non-vegan fashion again after finding out the negative impacts it has on our planet, people and animals. Fortunately, I am passionate about finding hidden gems in the sustainable, vegan and ethical fashion world and I love sharing them with you! Every now and then, I like to browse through the fair & sustainable online shops to see what is out there and this is the list I created while I was sick in bed and dreaming about wearing something else than pajamas. The price range starts from affordable to luxury and my picks include accessories, dresses, coats and more.

Nude headband €38

I have to say, I am not a fan of hats. Those beanie hats are not what I like to wear to protect me from the cold and as long as there are no vegan and ethically made berets, this is the best choice. While I will continue wearing my two (black and red) cashmere berets that I got over 7 years ago, I am thinking of getting this beautiful vegan and ethically made nude coloured headband by JAN’N JUNE. It is made from organic cotton fleece and there is even a matching scarf.

Nude scarf €65

A nude scarf looks beautiful paired with a camel coat. This JAN’N JUNE one matches the headband and is made from organic cotton. It is ethically made and looks very cozy!

Grey or natural coloured knitted scarf €75
Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 19.22.52.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-12 at 19.24.38.png

Vegan winter accessories are hard to find, including scarves. These mila.vert ones are knitted from GOTS certified cotton and are PETA vegan approved. I love both colours and there are matching hats – but I think we covered my opinion on those kinds of hats already 😉

Flower scarf £100 (on sale!)


If the grey and nude are not for you, this flower-printed scarf might be the pop of colour you’re looking for. It is a blanket scarf that will keep you warm and cozy. It is more on the high-end, expensive side but it’s currently on sale! Ethically made in the UK from cotton and viscose.

Vegan grey blazer £150

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 19.38.20.png

I am currently obsessed with blazers. It is very difficult to find vegan blazers since a lot of them are made from wool. This one by Armed Angels is sustainably and ethically made in Portugal from Tencel and recycled Polyester. It is PETA approved vegan.

Check printed dress £250


I am all about wearing clothes all year round. This dress is ideal for spring and summer but I with it would also make a nice laid-back party dress during the festive season. This Sabinna dress is ethically made in the UK.

Vegan nude coloured bag €309


I have to say, this was love at first sight. PETA approved vegan from environmentally-friendly “Freedom leather”, ethically made in Europe and a timeless and classic design. I love shoes and bags and this one looks so high end. Alexandra K has the most elegant vegan bags out there.

Vegan camel coloured coat €350

I love camel and beige coloured coats. This Myrka Studios one is a little thicker and a little longer for colder winter days. Coats can be a little expensive but you wear them everyday during cold days and they should be worn for years. My last coat was a classic black one that I wore for over 6 years. It is designed in Berlin and ethically made in Germany from GOTS certified organic cotton. The lining is made from Turkish recycled polyester from PET bottles, GRS certified. Even the yarn is made from recycled polyester from PET bottles.

Black satin dress for Christmas (€500)
Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 18.59.04.png

When it comes to special occasion wear, there’s nothing more timeless than a black dress. It is not sustainable to wear a different outfit for every special occasion and it would exceed our budget for most of us I’m sure. I am all about investing in a timeless, high quality piece that is going to last a lifetime. This Chafor dress is suitable for every age and is ethically and sustainably made in Germany.

Black and nude tweed jacket €600


This might not be something for everyone. Some hate tweed jackets, some love it. I think we can all agree on one thing: Tweed jackets have been made by Chanel for decades. Although a vintage or second hand chanel tweed jacket is a classic piece I might be lucky to have in my closet one day, I wouldn’t mind rocking this fair and vegan Chafor jacket that has been designed in Paris and made in Germany. While I love the outfit the model is wearing on the photo, I’d personally wear it with jeans to make it more young.

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  1. Awesome post! I would eventually like to make the change and invest in high quality ethical and vegan clothing but unfortunately I do not have the money right now but I would like to save up for it. Lots of love 💕

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