FAVOURITES OF THE MONTH (NOVEMBER) – Ethiopian food, Wedding, vegan coat & more


My coat I got about 5 years ago was falling apart. So I decided to get a new one. It had to be ethically-made and vegan which was difficult to find. Fortunately, I found this beige trench coat by Elementy. It looks like a classic trench but with a twist: there are some additional parts at the upper part (hard to describe – just take a look!). It fits very well and I love it! I can highly recommend it! I do have to say that it is a coat for a mild winter or autumn so I am not sure it will keep you warm enough in snowy areas.


Candle of the month


I wrote about it in previous favourites blog posts and I’m still in love with the natural, handmade and vegan candles I got from Vegan Bunny. This month I’ve been lighting their Ginger & Lemongrass candle during my study sessions and just because. The scent is fresh and awakening.

Natural & vegan Ginger & Lemongrass candle by Vegan Bunny £12


When Max and I were in Frankfurt over the summer, we fell in love with an Ethiopian restaurant. Months have passed and we were craving ethiopian food so badly that Max took me on a surprise bike ride to Andu Cafe in Hackney, London. Don’t be fooled by the looks of this restaurant. It might be small and doesn’t have the greatest interior design but the food was SO good. The menu is entirely vegan and when Max and I sat down at the table the (possibly) owner of the restaurant came over and asked if we want the platter for two. We said yes and 5 minutes later a selection of lentils, veggies, collard greens and the famous Injera bread arrived on our table. We realised that the restaurant has a selection of a two-people or one-person platter and that was it. That is why the food arrives so quickly and everything is fresh. Brilliant. Authentic. And so delicious!

I know not everyone of you lives in London so try cooking Ethiopian food at home! I’ve tried these recipes and they are delicious! Ethiopian food is cheap, easy and a lot of the recipes are vegan:

Lentil recipe (tip: use Garam Masala mixed spice if you cannot get the Ethiopian spices, it is very similar)
Potato cabbage recipe
Chickpea recipe
I didn’t make my own Injera bread so I cheated and cooked some rice and warmed up store bought pita bread in the oven.


  • Landfill vs Waste-to-Energy – by Gittemary Johansen

Low impact blogger and youtuber Gittemary made an excellent short video explaining the pros and cons of waste going to a landfill and waste-to-energy systems. It is crucial to understand this and I recommend everyone to watch it!

  • NO MORE PR – by Samantha Ravndahl

I have never seen a Youtube video by Samantha Ravndahl but this video popped up in my recommendations and I gave it a try. I think she gives a great insight in the world of a big Social Media influencer. If you are interested in the behind the scenes of social media influencer, this is for you.

  • How could veganism change the world? – by The Economist

This 6 minute video explains why animal products are not sustainable and are contributing to climate change. It is backed-up by scientists of Oxford university and is a great example of a video you can show people who are sceptical about veganism. It is very well made and gives some interesting predictions and facts about the future.

  • Marta Canga got married!


Fellow fair, vegan and sustainable fashion & lifestyle blogger Marta Canga got married! It warmed my heart when I saw her post on Instagram announcing that she is a newly-wed now. Best wishes to the bride and groom!

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