UPDATE: What’s going on with the blog and what will happen to it in the future?


I’ve been silent here for some time now and I thought I owe you an explanation for this. I am writing this very quickly and spontaneously and will keep it as short as possible.

If you follow me on Instagram, my main platform currently, you know that I’ve been busier there yet still a little inactive than usual. I’ve been busy studying and will be back and motivated to invest more time on my blog and Instagram to share more content starting from late May or June. In the meantime, I will be speaking at two panels in April and May. If you are in London during that time I’d love to see you there.

I am planning to share new sustainable and ethical fashion in the upcoming months so stay patient. I will also continue sharing content on lifestyle topics including green beauty, vegan food and more. I am still regularly updating you on Instagram on sustainability and climate change news and content and will continue to do so.

What will happen with the blog?
I’ve been making a few changes already. I added a climate change section, revised the about me page, added a charity section and an event calendar.
I have planned out and drafted out a few climate change blog posts which I will publish in May/ June. I will continue running the blog but the focus will go towards climate change and away from simple outfit posts. I started my blog to share ethical outfits but it is time to evolve. That said, I am still very interested in sustainability in fashion and will continue writing about it – but in a different format than outfit posts. You will still find sustainable, vegan and ethical outfits on my Instagram. Furthermore, I will revise the fair fashion guide during the summer so that you still have a good resource to find lots of ethical, vegan and sustainable brands.

I want to make big changes with the blog and have lots of ideas. The blog should always mirror my current interests and passions which is why it needs some work to get to that point again. It is a matter of time resources if I’ll be able to implement all of these changes but I am excited for the future.

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