What YOU can do about climate change – at home

Your home and your choices at home can either contribute to climate change mitigation or it contributes to climate change.  AT home

Paper mail

While e-mail is now a major part of communication, we get mail in our mail boxes almost daily. Take a look at the paper mail you receive and see what is really necessary and what simply isn’t. Stop advertising leaflets in your mail box by putting a sticker on your mail box that asks for no advertising. Unsubscribe from any paper mail including bank statements that you can receive through e-mail instead. Additionally, if you send out letters, try writing on recycled paper.

Green bulbs

A lot of people use eco-friendly light bulbs already but we can forget about this when we e.g. have just moved into a new flat or house. Check your light bulbs and change them to green bulbs if necessary.

Unplug and switch off

In the UK you can often switch a socket on or off which helps to save energy making it quick and easy. Try switching sockets off when you are not using the socket. If you don’t have socket switches, unplug cables from sockets when you are done with them. Home owners can change their socket covers to ones with switches.

Lights Off

Try switching off the lights whenever you are leaving a room and avoid switching on the lights during sunny day time.

Ditch the dryer

The dryer is not just more expensive than a laundry rack, it takes up energy for something that the air does by itself. Get a good laundry rack that you like and decide against buying a dryer.

Washing machine and dishwasher

Washing machines and dishwashers are great because they use less water than hand washing. However, make sure your machines are fully loaded. Don’t just wash 5 t-shirts and 5 plates. Additionally, get a net that stops micro plastic from your clothes from getting into the sewer system through your washing machine water. Read more and get yours at http://guppyfriend.com

Ditch the baths

Baths take up more water than showers. If you are on the search for new homes, baths should not be your priority. Try moving into homes with showers and no baths and only occasionally enjoy a bath at a hotel or even better: not at all.

Use the air-conditioning and heater only when really necessary

I know the brilliant feeling when you are entering your warm home from the cold outside or cool down at home with an air conditioner while the heat is unbearable outside. Always keep in the back of your head to reduce your usage of heaters and air conditioners and put on a sweater before turning on the heater.




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