What YOU can do about climate change – shopping

The global economy is driving climate change. Every resource that is needed for the production of a good, is having a negative impact on the environment.

  • Buy less

First things first, the more you buy, the more resources are needed and the more you are driving climate change.

  • Buy second hand (fashion, furniture, household products, everything)

If a product is being produced, resources are needed. You need energy to produce it, the unfinished and finished product has to be transported throughout the supply chain, often times water is used for the manufacturing and more. A better alternative to buying new products and therefore, creating demand and encouraging production of the new good, is buying second hand products. There are already lots of products existing in this world and choosing already-existing products will not use any resources and therefore not have a negative impact on the environment and climate change. On the contrary, if a product is not wanted anymore by its’s owner, it could either get passed on to someone who wants it or it gets thrown away where it most likely ends up in a landfill, the ocean or gets burned which always has a negative impact and drives climate change because it emits greenhouse gases. Give unwanted products a chance and save them from landfills through buying second hand. It is the most sustainable way of shopping. The internet makes finding second hand products easier and there are lots of thrift stores out there too. You can buy furniture, fashion,  household products (like blenders, vases, mugs, cutlery, the list goes on and on) and so much more at a cheaper price second hand. Also, if you cannot find something made sustainably by a sustainable company, you can buy it second hand instead.

  • Choose sustainable companies

If you cannot buy a something second hand because you cannot find it or you prefer buying something new, choose a product from sustainable companies. There are lots of companies focusing on sustainable fashion, furniture and more that are manufacturing products using renewable energy, less water, organic and eco-friendly materials and more. A quick search on Ecosia and you will find opportunities to buy a sustainable alternative. These products might be a little more expensive, but your goal should be to buy less and better quality which will balance out the higher price.

  • Buy local and support local businesses

The internet and globalisation made it possible to buy a product from the other side of the world. While this is exciting from an economic perspective, it is harming the environment and driving climate change because it emits greenhouse gases. Always make it priority to buy a product as local as possible. If you want to buy it online, try finding a product that is shipped from within your country. If that is not possible, focus on your continent. Extra points for products that are made in your country – as much as possible (materials could be grown in a different country but the product is assembled in your home country). This will also support local businesses and local economy.


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