FAVOURITES OF THE MONTH (JUNE) – vegan shoes, long distance relationship, stevia and more

Better late than never: June is over and summer has started. Here “are a few of my favourite things” of the previous month. Fashion, lifestyle and food are this months categories. I hope I can inspire you to try out some of these!

Fashion favourites

Tote bags

This might be random but the bag I used the most (besides my boyfriend’s backpack that broke after using it extensively….oopsie) are tote bags. I used them during my fieldwork and I think they need to be appreciated more. I mean. they save the environment by preventing plastic bags from ending up in the ocean!

Love Sofie sandals


The vegan, sustainable and ethical shoe label Love Sofie sent me some shoes of their new collection and I loved these black and nude sandals a lot! I wore them with the Vildnis jumpsuit below and my black People Tree jumpsuit (not available anymore) when I went out for dinner.

Vildnis jumpsuit


I wore this jumpsuit for both casual and more formal occasions and that’s why I love this piece. You can look fancy (while feeling super comfortable!) but also use this clothing item to the fullest and wear it during the day by dressing it down. It is ethically made form organic cotton and Tencel.

Earrings by Julia Sizilien

I’ve been really loving both the studs but especially the creole earrings by Julia Otilia. They are gold plated and handmade in Bali and I love the minimal look of them!

Lifestyle favourites

Candle of the month


Apart from how beautiful these candles look in my flat, they smell amazing. I’ve been trying out the vegan soy wax Ginger & Lemongrass candle this month and it smells really refreshing and somehow it fit perfectly to June to me. I love lemongrass drinks in summer so this candle seemed appropriate. Plus, the sunny yellow adds a bright colour to your room decor. The girl behind Vegan Bunny is the cutest ever! Definitely check out her vegan pins too!

-Natural & Vegan Ginger & Lemongrass soy candle by Vegan Bunny £12

Time alone

Me on the first day of my fieldwork for my final year Uni project – completely alone, doing my thing

This has been bitter-sweet. I was forced to live alone for a longer period of time (for the first time of my life!) when my boyfriend moved to Frankfurt, Germany. There have been lots of tough and emotional moments during that time. Not necessarily because I wasn’t with Max but because I was forced to feel my emotions. No distractions. Just me and my thoughts. And since I’ve been going through a weird and difficult time in my life, I had a lot of negative thoughts and emotions I had to deal with by myself. Because even when Max called whenever he had time and texted me, he couldn’t be there for me 100% since he simply didn’t have the time.
However, besides those moments filled with negative emotions, I also had moments where I genuinely enjoyed my alone time. I still need to learn to enjoy it MORE. But I’ve learned a lot already.


A selfie of me in my flat soaking up all the sunshine

If you are used to “favourites” posts that are filled with products, you are probably going to think “what the hell is that weird blogger doing?!”. But yes, I am including sunshine. It is free and currently present in London and I LOVE IT. I’ve even gotten a little colour (on my face) while doing my fieldwork which is a big deal for me because 1) I am SO pale and 2) I am not going on vacation this summer so I am taking every sun ray I get, thank you.
Also, how underrated is sunshine?! It gives us vitamin D and keeps us happy and healthy. Everyone who lives in Northern and Central Europe doesn’t get it enough so let’s appreciate it.

Favourite place of the month

Walled garden at Fulham Palace

I think the photos speak for themselves. I discovered this place in West London by accident after I finished my fieldwork of the day and it was just a magical garden that made me feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Food favourites


Smoothie bowl sweetened with stevia

I’ve been making smoothies and smoothie bowls for over 4 years now. I’ve never made them without using some kind of sweetener. I eat very healthy but the natural fruit sugars are just not sweet enough for me when I blend the fruit with water (or plant milks). I love sweetness just too much. So I’ve been using maple syrup, agave, coconut sugar and many more alternative sweeteners. But to be honest, even those sweeteners are not super healthy. So I was super excited to rediscover stevia. I never liked stevia because I thought it tastes weird. But then I ate porridge sweetened with pure stevia when I was in Cyprus and I immediately ordered my own from Amazon. Since then I use it in every smoothie and smoothie bowl and I love it! Plus, it’s healthy. Win win.

Smoothie bowls

It started that Max moved out and I knew that I had a month of living in London alone before I move to Vienna for the rest of the summer. So I decided to limit my grocery shopping and use up the food I had in my pantry. Since I had a lot of nuts, nut butters and seeds in my pantry, I rediscovered my love to smoothie bowls and topped them off with my nuts and seeds. I AM OBSESSED. It fills me up and gives me energy for my fieldwork. My go-to recipe is:
blending frozen berries, frozen bananas, stevia and water or soy milk
topping it off with cacao nibs, fresh strawberries, chia seed pudding, pumpkin seeds, fresh banana slices, cashew or almond butter (used up the almond butter now so I am currently using up my cashew butter)

(This post includes pr samples, it is not sponsored)


Blush coloured linen sweater by Vildnis £65
Jeans skirt by Vildnis £60
Pink vegan bag by Labante £80
Sunglasses by Ace & Tate £98
White vegan sneakers by Veja €80
White bralette by Essentials for Zula €27

The skirt

A timeless clothing item: the jeans skirt. This one is quite short which makes it youthful and playful. The colour is a light blue which matches the pink and white tones perfectly. This soft organic cotton denim skirt has some distressed details and some fringes around the waist. Vildnis is an ethical and sustainable fashion label that offers contemporary and affordable clothing pieces.

The shoes

I am personally not comfortable with the whole wearing-sneakers-as-streetstyle look but I love white trainers like these ones. I think they are a more classic version of that trend. Great for a summer day when you want to be comfortable. Veja is a very well known label that makes ethical trainers including vegan ones like these.

The sweater

The light pink is subtle and compliments the more in-your-face-pink of the bag. I love the lightweight and airy organic linen fabric and the relaxed yet timeless design. I tucked it into the skirt to make it look more put together. Just like the skirt, this top is from Vildnis and is ethical and sustainable.

The bag

Another favourite (I literally included it in my monthly favourites post here) of mine: gold hardware, a classic and simple design and an unexpected colour. This vegan bag adds that “umpf” to any outfit – especially those basic and minimal ones. Labante is one of my favourite vegan bag labels. It is ethical, sustainable and PETA-approved vegan.

The bralette

Since the sweater is a bit sheer. I am wearing this Essentials for Zula bralette. It is white and ethically made.

The sunglasses

You know these. They match every outfit and won’t go out of style. That’s exactly what everyone should look for in a pair of sunglasses. These ones are ethically made and affordable (for handmade, high quality sunglasses).


Navy jumpsuit by Vildnis £75
Jeans jacket by Hessnatur €130
Vegan burgundy bag by Labante £48
Vegan sandals by Mireia Playa €105 (on sale!)
Earrings by Lama Moon $84
Sunglasses by Ace & Tate £98

A perfect ethical, vegan and sustainable look for your breezy summer day. Comfortable, yet put together.

The jumpsuit

This one-piece feels like you are wearing sweatpants all day. The fabric is stretchy and super soft and can be dressed up or down. I am all about using your wardrobe to the fullest. For this outfit I tried to make it look casual, yet chic but you can wear it with a more sophisticated jacket, some high heels and statement jewellery if you want to wear it during a night time event.
The jumpsuit is made ethically from a high-stretch organic cotton and Tencel blend fabric. Vildnis is a sustainable and ethical fashion label that is highly transparent when it comes to their manufacturing processes.

The jacket

This jeans jacket has been my go-to during the spring and summer months. It adds that casual vibe to the outfit. The Hessnatur jacket is ethically and sustainably made from organic cotton. It is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

The shoes

I love that the blue of the jumpsuit is found again in the details of the sandals and even the earrings. These Mireia Playa sandals are made of vegan suede and raffia with a geometric design. The heel is made from wood (a detail that I love!) and the lining and insole is antibacterial and breathable. I know a lot of people worry that vegan shoes will make your feet sweaty, but nowadays vegan shoe labels use innovative materials that prevent that! So don’t worry about stinky feet. 😉

The bag

This two-coloured vegan bag with gold hardware is from the label Labante, one of my favourite vegan bag brands. I love the timeless design (again, great for people that want a wardrobe that lasts them a long time!) and the simplicity. Labante is a PETA-approved vegan label that cares for animals, people and the environment: they are ethical and sustainable.

The earrings

Since the outfit is very simple, I added those colourful earrings to make it look more interesting. Plus, they match the shoes perfectly. Lama Moon is a fairtrade ethical jewelry boutique that sells sustainable and artisanal accessories. When they sent these earrings to me, I didn’t notice that the tassels are made from silk thread tassels which makes them NOT VEGAN. Apart from that, they are made from red carnelian and sponge coral gemstones as well as 18-karat gold plated pieces.

The sunglasses

I love these and I’ve worn them in lots of outfit posts on this blog. They are timeless, minimal and match EVERY outfit. Ace & Tate is an affordable glasses and sunglasses label that make their eyewear under ethical conditions.

FAIR FASHION QUICKY: yellows & prints

You all seem to love my mirror pics so I hope you like this fair fashion quicky. They eye-catcher of this outfit are the printed and colourful trousers. I combined them with a nude bralette and nude vegan shoes to make the trousers more wearable.

Pink and yellow Green Forest trousers by Mayamiko £75
Cream coloured bralette €55
Nude Mia vegan shoes €105

The trousers

These ethically made trousers by Mayamiko are made from locally sourced 100% cotton in Malawi. They are high waisted and a real eye-catcher.

The top

The style of this top is really rare in the ethical fashion world. It looks young and trendy and I love that it’s made from upcycled furniture fabric. The label Noumenon is PETA approved vegan and the top is ethically and fair trade produced in Lithuania.

The shoes

These are my new go-to shoes. They look chic and sophisticated and can be worn during the day and night. They are ethically made in Portugal from vegan, eco friendly and breathable materials. PETA approved and available in other colours as well.

FAIR & VEGAN FASHION OUTFIT: Yellow & white ruffles

Yellow crop top by Mayamiko £45
White ruffle skirt by Aware (last year’s collection – not available anymore) (similar one here)
Vegan sandals by Love Sofie $120

This bright and colourful look is youthful and ideal for a nice summer day. The white and yellow ruffles make this outfit playful and fun and the multi-coloured vegan sandals make the outfit more interesting without going overboard.

The top

The yellow ruffle crop top by Mayamiko is made from GOTS certified organic cotton from Uganda. The straps are adjustable at two lengths. It is ethically made in Malawi. Mayamiko The Label is an ethical and sustainable woman’s wear and life style brand, producing clothes, accessories and homeware, made in Malawi. The collections are cross-seasonal and are inspired by African artisanal traditions and prints, with ethical trading and sustainability in mind. I love the girly yet timeless summer vibes of the top combined with the frilly white skirt. The top is comfortable and ideal for hot summer days or vacations.

The sandals

Love Sofie is one of my favourite vegan shoe labels! These vegan sandals can be worn for any  occasion – day to night, beach to city. What makes them special is definitely the print. The shoes are made from recycled PET-polyester print and lined using plant leather. Love Sofie collaborated with the swedish artist Josefin Liljeqvist to create the unique print design. All of their shoes are ethically produced in Spain.

The skirt

Unfortunately, the skirt is not available anymore. But I’ve found a similar alternative – ethically made of course – by Gnana Studio. You can check it out here.
I love wrap skirts because they grow with you. When you gain or lose weight, you can adjust the size. Ideal for a capsule wardrobe or if you want to keep your items for a long time!

FAIR FASHION QUICKY: red, white & denim

White top with colourful detail by Pitusa (old but Pitusa has a very specific style  – see other styles here)
Denim skirt by Vildnis £60
Red tie-up shoes by Scotti Vegan Shoes €65

The top

It’s a casual and minimal shirt with a little fun detail on the bottom. I am wearing a white  bralette underneath it to get more coverage. Pitusa employs women-owned ateliers, in Peru, Bali and India. All garments are manufactured under ethical and fair trade working conditions.

The skirt

It’s my first denim skirt in a while (if not ever?) and I really like it. It’s very short and has a fun ripped detail on the side (which is a first for me too). Ethically made from organic cotton.

The shoes

These ethically made Italian and vegan shoes by Scotti Vegan Shoes brighten up my day and give me ballerina vibes. I love wearing them with a simple and minimal outfit so that the colour really pops.


I’ve written a blog post about wearing fair fashion as a male and how my boyfriend approaches this (you can read it here). I answered some questions I received about ethical menswear and I want to continue this series. So here are Max’ favourite ethical fashion pieces that he wears all throughout the year and loves to wear.

His style: his colours are grey, white, black and dark blue and he likes basic clothing that are timeless including sweaters, solid coloured t-shirts, shirts, suits, boots and dressing shoes. The majority of his clothing matches. That way, dressing himself nicely is very easy for him and he basically always looks good and put together without spending too much time thinking about it 😉

Grey Sweater €70

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.16.18

This sweater is made from organic cotton and is a more thinner sweater that can be worn on spring and autumn days or underneath jackets. It is GOTS certified and PETA approved vegan.

Grey Turtleneck by Armed Angels


This one is currently not available (probably because it’s summer) but Armed Angels is a label that focuses on basics so I am sure a similar or even the same style will be available in a few months.

Greyish longsleeve €30 (currently on sale!)

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.15.52.png

This top is great for layering or casual days where you want to feel comfortable. Max likes to wear it under his leather jacket (which he purchased before becoming vegan) with some jeans and boots. It is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and is PETA approved vegan.

Classic shirt in white and light grey €70

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.26.39

This shirt is more casual than a proper shirt you’d wear with a suit. Max wears it if he just wants to wear a shirt on its own without the jacket. So for a more formal occasion but not too formal (like a dinner, going to a classical music concert,…), if you know what I mean. He also wears it with jeans, a leather jacket and boots on “normal” days. It is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and is PETA approved vegan.

Classic t-shirt in white and black €20

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.26.28

Max is all about the timeless basics. The majority of his t-shirts are either black or white and those are the ones he wears the most. He loves that timeless classic look of wearing a black or white t-shirt, jeans, boots or dressing shoes and his leather jacket. It’s that cool 60s rock inspired style. He also wears his white t-shirts under his shirts when wearing a suit. This t-shirt is made from GOTS certified cotton and is PETA approved vegan.

Grey dock boots £82

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.08.13

Convincing Max to buy vegan leather took some time. But once I found the brand Will’s Vegan Shoes I was able to slowly change his mind. He now has quite a collection of Will’s Vegan Shoes. These grey (Timberland inspired) dock boots are his go-tos during the winter months. They add some height (ssshhhttt his secret to looking a little taller) and look extra cool. And again, this style of boots has been in style for years and years. These boots are made from Italian faux nubuck microfibre upper and are water resistant and breathable. The uppers do not mark or stain in wet and dirt. The linings in these boots are powered by plants created with bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops in a carbon neutral process. And of course, the shoes are ethically made in Portugal under EU health and safety regulations. They are vegan Society Registered and PETA approved vegan.

Black slim sole boots £88

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.42.18.png

When I met Max we were both meat-eaters and far away from this ethical, sustainable and vegan lifestyle we are living now. His style however, hasn’t changed that much though. Back then, he wore this kind of black boots and now he still does – just a vegan version. They are PETA approved vegan, ethically made in Portugal, have a wooden heel and burnished Italian faux leather microfibre uppers that are water resistant and breathable.

Vegan black belt £36

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.47.46

Max is a skinny guy and he has a very small waist size. So belts are mandatory for him. The fact that the belt has to be vegan and cannot be made from the skin of an animal is also mandatory for him. Fortunately, his go-to label Will’s Vegan Shoes has classic vegan belts as well. It is ethically hand made in a small family run factory in Portugal. The brass buckle is nickel free and the vegan leather part is made in high quality Italian microfibre. And of course, it is PETA approved vegan.


Black patent vegan leather shoes for special occasions £88

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 13.55.42

For those formal occasions Max likes to be extra and wear these patent leather shoes. They are made from Italian faux patent leather microfibre uppers and are water resistant and breathable. Since they are from the label Will’s Vegan shoes as well, they are ethically made in Portugal and PETA approved vegan as well.

Classic black t-shirt £38

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.09.23

One of my personal favourite t-shirts that he owns is this Nudie Jeans t-shirts. It has a very cool and casual style. It comes with a higher price tag than his Armed Angels t-shirts but it adds a little bit of spice to his wardrobe. It is ethically made from organic cotton jersey.


FAIR & VEGAN FASHION OUTFIT: white ruffle dreams

White ruffle top “Ziwa” by Gnana Studio €60
White ruffle wrap skirt by Aware (last year’s collection)
Golden earrings with heart detail by Julia Otilia €40

A messy bun, some golden creoles and an accidentally-matching top and skirt for a dreamy and youthful summer look that is ethically made and vegan.


The top

This Gnana Studio crop top is made ethically from sheer cotton fabric. It has buttons in the front and you can adjust it to your waistline and tie a bow or a knot. It is off-the-shoulder which makes it look very trendy and young but without the slave-labour aspect of fast fashion labels. The top is sheer so if you are not comfortable with that you can wear a white strapless bra or tube top under it.

The skirt

This is one of last year’s Aware collection skirts. It is a white wrap skirt with ruffles all over that I tied in the front. Gnana Studio has a matching skirt to their top that I’m wearing that you can wear instead. It is a little bit longer but it also has ruffles and is a wrap skirt. You can find it here.

The earrings

I love golden delicate jewelry. These small creoles has a tiny heart on them. They are handmade in Bali and are gold plated. Julia Otilia is a sustainable jewelry online shop. “As our planet and people are both concerns we carry very close to our hearts, we make conscious decisions for all of our materials and production.”




I’ve gotten a few questions about ethically made and sustainable mens wear and what my boyfriend Max is wearing. Max supports me with my blogging and Instagram and he has learned a lot about the fashion industry through me. He definitely doesn’t want to support unsustainable, unethical fast fashion anymore after knowing about slave labour and the pollution of garment manufacturing. When it comes to shopping, Max is rather a minimalist than a shopping queen. He doesn’t buy new clothing often and wears his clothing until it falls apart which I think is the way to go. His style is also very simple and timeless. He likes black, white, greys, jeans, plain t-shirts, leather jackets, boots, oxfords, pullovers, timeless coats, his 7 year old Ray Bans or suits and white shirts. Max’ closet is currently mostly filled with old clothing he got before he went vegan and before knowing about fast fashion. However, he has bought a few pieces from ethical, vegan and sustainable labels. I do have to say that I do a most of his shopping because his interest level of spending time looking through online shops is zero. So I have either gifted him some of his fair fashion clothing or I’ve picked out the pieces that I liked and let him decide and shop the ones he likes. I guess I will be his personal clothing shopper for the rest of his life. haha

Ethical, vegan and sustainable labels he likes

Armed Angels

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.06.16.png

Organic Cotton Sweater by Armed Angels

His go-to shop for clothing basics like t-shirts or pullovers is definitely Armed Angels. This label uses sustainable and GOTS certified organic materials such as organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester, Lenzing Modal and Tencel. They manufacture under ethical conditions and are certified by Fairtrade and Fair Wear Foundation.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.08.13.png

Grey Dock Boots by Will’s Vegan Shoes

Max has quite a collection of Will’s Vegan shoes and we both haven’t found a vegan shoe label for mens shoes that offers shoes in this classic style for a better price. The shoes are affordable, ethically made and vegan. They offer timeless styles like Oxfords, Chelsea Boots and Loafers but also Sneakers or Dock Boots. Will’s Vegan Shoes even manufacture vegan belts and bags and Max owns one of their belts himself.

Nudie Jeans

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 20.09.23.png

Black Organic Cotton tee by Nudie Jeans

While the jeans of Nudie Jeans unfortunately have a leather patch on them which makes them not vegan, their plain t-shirts are just Max’ style. They are made ethically in Portugal from organic cotton.

Second Hand shopping

Thrifting is the most sustainable and ethical way of shopping and Max really enjoys it. Well, he really likes thrifting in LA’s hip second hand stores filled with designer labels. His favourite store is Wasteland. I’ll be honest: We both are currently not interested in spending time looking for a good thrift store in London and Vienna. So when we walk by a thrift store we take a look inside and mostly Max has bough some pieces that way in the past. His favourite pieces include Diesel boots (non vegan but you don’t support animal cruelty when buying animal products second hand!) and Balmain jeans. Second hand shopping is a great way to buy these good-looking designer pieces for cheap and without exploiting the planet, humans and animals.

You like Max’ style and want some inspiration on what to buy at fair fashion online shops? Check out my blog post about all of the fair fashion pieces Max owns here!


Fair & Vegan fashion: white shirt dress

White shirt dress by By Maqu €170
Colourful vegan heels by Love Sofie 178$
Burgundy and blush pink purse by Labante £54 (on sale!)
Golden earrings by Lama Moon

The earrings

These ethically handmade artisan earrings look great with the golden hardware of the purse. Lama Moon is a fair trade jewelry boutique for handpicked jewelry items, made by independent designers in sustainable communities. They also give back to girls education around the world.

The dress

The star of the show and my current obsession: the 100% organic GOTS certified poplin dress by Maqu. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when wearing it – both online and in real life so that’s always a plus! What I love about it is the simplicity and timelessness. It also works for various occassions: work, lunch, brunch, dinner or a relaxed day in the city (combined with white sneakers) so it’s great for a capsule wardrobe and for all of you who are trying to consume less but more long-lasting quality pieces. This dress definitely  inspired me to work more towards building a capsule wardrobe. I wore the sleeves down but you can also flip them like a men’s shirt. For those of you who are not into bows, you can either remove the waist band and wear the dress as an A-line style or simply tie it in a knot instead if you prefer having the waist cinched in. You can further transform the dress if you button it up and even add a ribbon under the colour – there are lots of possibilities to mix it up! The label manufactures ethically in Peru using sustainable manufacturing processes.

The bag

On this day I didn’t carry around much. I needed a light and practical purse that holds my phone, cards, keys, earphones, sunglasses and a lip gloss. This purse is ideal for that. I love the gold hardware and the beautiful vegan leather material. Labante is a great vegan bag (and sunglasses!) label that is PETA-approved.

The shoes

These heels are completely vegan and made from recycled Polyester. The heel is coloured in a bright yellow, the strap in the front is white and the straps at the ankle are made from a material that is sprinkled with colours so that it looks a bit like modern art painting. This print is made in a collaboration with Swedish artist Josefin Liljeqvist. The heels are comfortable because of the support of the ankle straps and they add some colour to the outfit. I am a huge fan of the vegan shoe brand Love Sofie and I love their designs and philosophy.

This look includes PR samples but this post is not sponsored 🙂