VEGAN & FAIR FASHION OUTFIT: jeans+t-shirt with a twist & GIVEAWAY!


Crop top “Lara” by Bayti Hier €19.00
Bag  “Seesack” by Bayti Hier €59.00
Vest Trench Coat by Cossac £160.00 
Belt “Bigbuc” in black and gold by Noani €69.95
Jeans by American Apparel *no longer available (other ethical jeans here, here or here)
White vegan Veja Sneakers €75
Coat old
Barret old


The top

The white crop is made from Lyocell and has a black flower on the front and the small arabic words “together united” in black on the back. I’ve channeled my inner Alexis Ren and combined the crop top with jeans and reinterpreted the look with a barret, sneakers and a coat. All garments by Bayti Hier are made ethically in Germany by Syrian refugees that are integrated in the community. The company is lead by students and Syrian refugees meaning that the garment workers don’t just make the pieces but have a saying in what they do. The company helps the workers to learn German and be financially stable so that they thrive in their new home country. I’ll give away 2×1 coupon for Bayti Hier products so if you are interested read more at the end of the blog post!


The bag

The “Seesack” is a great example of the company’s philosophy. The design and choice of fabric has been made by two Syrians so they didn’t just make the bag but also had a saying in the process. Plus, the fabric availability is limited which makes the bag limited edition. It can be worn as a backpack, over your shoulder and across the body like I wore in the photos. It has so much room for everything you need which makes it perfect as a travel bag, gym bag or overnight bag. The bag is made from a fabric in a neutral taupe colour and a floral fabric and has two ropes as straps.


The belt
Belts are mostly made form animal skin – leather. Leather is not a waste product from the meat production anymore. Animals of all kinds get skinned alive and are held in tiny cages. ” More than a billion animals are slaughtered every year in order to make cloths, accessories, as well as furniture (from their skins). Most of the leather products are tanned with toxic chromium in the tanneries situated in low-wage countries. This does not only affect the production workers, but also the environment at a high level: The ground water is contaminated, and the risk of cancer is increasing enormously for the people who work in tanneries or live nearby.” That is why wearing a vegan belt contributes to a cruelty free world. This vegan belt is ethically made in Germany from eucalyptus and pineapple fibre as well as recycled polyester leather. Noani offers cruelty free belts for women and men in different styles, different hardware and different colours.


The vest
I’m wearing an ethically made long trench coat style vest underneath the coat to add an extra layer of warmth and dimension. The vest is made from the eco-friently fabric black woven Tencel. I’ve featured it in a previous outfit post. Cossac promotes a minimal capsule wardrobe offering a small selection of high quality pieces for every season. They use sustainable fabrics and keep their business processes sustainable by e.g. using recycled packaging, business cards and tags.


The Jeans
Unfortunately, American Apparel is no longer available in Europe. There is only their US based online shop. I got these Jeans when American Apparel had shops all around the world making sweatshop free fashion accessible to everyone. I’ve linked similar jeans alternatives at the top of this post. The jeans are boyfriend-style baggy and I’ve rolled up the ends to give it an edgy, effortless look.



Win a coupon for 1x€50 and 1x€25 for Bayti Hier products! The giveaway will be held on my account @liviavanh. If you want to win the €25 coupon all you have to do is like my Giveaway post on Instagram. If you want to win the €50 coupon head over to my Instagram and like the Giveaway post and finish the sentence “integration is…” in the comments.
I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday here on this post, on my Instagram post and in my Story.

Good luck!

VEGAN & FAIR OUTFIT: Conscious consuming + ethically made KUKLA transformable vest


Being a conscious consumer means using the items you have to the fullest – for several years, all-year around, until it is at the end of its life. The fast fashion industry offers new clothing items in their stores every day. They encourage people to replace their wardrobe every season with new clothing and for most cases the quality of fast fashion is so bad that the pieces don’t last long anyways. That creates a massive amount of garment waste and the environment is polluted by that fast and huge production of garments. Plus, the garment workers get pressured to work fast for little to no money.
Let’s celebrate conscious consuming! This outfit is all about high quality for a long time. The ethically made Reformation dress isn’t available anymore yet still going strong, the vegan boots have been in one of my first outfit posts, the bag is ethically made in Madagascar and the vest is not just ethically made in Austria, but also transformable in endless ways so you can create an endless amount of new outfits.

transformable vest “no denim no doubt” by KUKLA

navy blue dress by Reformation (similar ones here and more dresses here)

grey overknee boots by No Animal Brand  here and here (similar ones here and here)

embellished bag “Malala” by The Noces

The star of the show today is the KUKLA vest. The concept of the clothing piece is to get creative with the vest and use a clip (available in a wide colour selection) to transform the piece into shirts, dresses, scarves, ponchos, anything you can think of. I’ve styled it in 3 ways: simply as a vest without using the clip, draping and clipping it so that there is a turtleneck-like collar and clipping it so that it shows off the dress underneath, showing a bit of cleavage. The material soft on the inside yet thick so that it keeps you warm and cozy. The denim colour matches the blue dress and the inner grey side adds dimension to the look. The vest is one size and is available in the long version that I’m wearing and in a short version, as well as several different colours (shades of browns, shades of greys, black and more) and comes with one clip to transform your style. You can buy clips separately in several different colours too.
All their products are made ethically and sustainably in Vienna and Europe.

The dress
Long sleeves keep you warm while wearing a no sleeve vest. The midi length of the dress makes it possible to cover your knees and keep you especially warm or wear it a bit shorter and hide the extra fabric under the vest. Reformation manufactures ethically in the USA and keep their business processes sustainable by reducing carbon, waste and water.


The boots
The vegan boots keep you warm while looking great. Overknee boots make every winter outfit look feminine and modern. I’ve found a lot of options for different styles which I linked at the top of this blog post.

The bag
The Noces work with family-owned businesses and sole artisans in order to maintain a close relationship with their suppliers. “We pay attention to our impact on the people and on the environment. By employing Malagasy people, we empower them and help ensure decent lives. We also promote environmentally-friendly practices in the supply chain.”





Armed Angels sweater €59.90
Collection and Co heels £90
Noumenon jacket €370
Closet London dress £85
Armed Angels skirt €49.90
Angela Roi bag $165
Closet London jumpsuit £85
People Tree jumpsuit £89
Ace & Tate sunglasses €98

If you think that buying fast fashion, and therefore enslaving factory workers in poor countries (80% women by the way), is inevitable then think again. There are so many gorgeous fair fashion pieces that my wish list is on steroids. I obviously can’t go and put all these pieces in my cart but I love sharing my dream items with you and maybe inspire you to get one or two of these gorgeous pieces

The Alani Sweater in black €59.90

This Armed Angels body con top is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and is available in black, red and grey. I honestly can’t decide which colour I love more. They look so cute in every colour! It is ethically made in Turkey and I think I’m going to have to get it! ❤

The Ida Maroon Velvet Vinyl Court Shoes £90

These heels are so extra I love it. They combine bordeaux, velvet and clear vinyl PVC! Plus, I feel like they scream holiday season. Collection and Co is a shoe and bag brand that is all vegan and cruelty free (including the glue used)!

The Bombé Jacket €370

Now, this is more of a splurge fashion item. The price is a on the high side. But man this jacket is extra! And how perfect would it look with the velvet heels! Ugh, need it all. The coolest part: it’s made from surplus furniture fabric, it’s by Noumenon – the all vegan, cruelty free and PETA approved brand and it’s ethically produced in Lithuania,


My fair & vegan Paris look – cold France in November

P1570827I’ve been flying to Paris to celebrate my boyfriend’s and mine 5th anniversary! It was so lovely. I’ve eaten a lot of vegan food, enjoyed the architecture and have been to art and fashion museums. However, it was quite cold in the city so a comfortable and stylish, yet warming outfit was needed. I’ve worn this outfit two days in a row (which I usually never do) because it satisfied all these mentioned needs.

Laila Roll Neck Top in black by People Tree £39
Inga High Waist Denim by Armed Angels €99.90
Luxe High-Heeled Boots in Black by Wills Vegan Shoes £93
Blackberry Maxi tote bag by Alexandra K €269



The People Tree turtleneck is one of my new favourite pieces! Elegant, classy, comfortable, warming and timeless. I tucked it into my high waisted jeans and paired it with black heels and my good old coat (not ethical or sustainable – bought it a couple of years ago). Made ethically in India from organic cotton and elastane.




Jeans by Armed Angels

Another favourite of mine: the Armed Angels jeans. An everyday piece that is made ethically in Turkey from GOTS certified organic cotton and spandex. The spandex percentage is very low though, so be aware that it won’t be like your pair of stretchy jeans. They are very old school. After washing them, you’ll probably be dancing around the flat to get them on (especially my fellow big booty girls). I’ve already featured them in a couple of posts including the cossac coat outfit post and the Herbivore t-shirt post.




Boots by Wills Vegan Shoes

Although they are heels, they are super comfortable. They have that big chunky block heel and 2 big zippers on each side for you to get them on in a second. The Will Vegan Shoes are made ethically in Portugal from Italian faux microfibre materials  and are PETA approved. I’ve featured these boots in a lot of posts as well including the outfit post about my current favourite dress.



The newest member of my closet and the newest piece of this look. Perfect to hold those croissants and pain au chocolat in! This vegan bag is ethically made and I’ve already featured it in my white blouse post.

FAIR & VEGAN BLOUSE AND LEGGINGS +my new vegan purse!

P1560404 2

Just like I said in my last outfit post, I love to make the most out of my closet. I’m wearing my comfortable and super soft gym leggings as everyday outfit and dress them up with a beautiful organic blouse and black boots. A big black vegan bag holds my laptop and necessities for work and uni while looking elegant.



I’m currently obsessed with blouses and finding ethical and sustainable pieces that are office appropriate and look elegant with an edge. This white blouse is the classic office blouse new interpreted. It has long sleeves which makes it perfect for the colder months and a comfortable wide fit. The sides can be tied up to cinch the waist which adds an interesting detail. I tied them up to bows for a feminine, more fun everyday look. The blouse is made form 100% organic cotton and I am wearing a size S.
Movinun manufactures ethically and handmade using mostly GOTS certified organic cotton which is sustainable and contributes the protection of our planet. Even their threads are GOTS certified, as well as their zippers and buttons.
The buttons are created by local artist from porcelain, each being unique. The company uses recycled paper and their own scraps of fabric to make sustainable packaging and aim towards a zero waste production.
And if that wasn’t enough, they use green energy like wind and solar energy to power their designing facilities. Additionally, they want to enable opportunities for underprivileged which is why part of our production is made by Želva d.o.o., a company that employs people with disabilities. Movinun is definitely a company that cares about the planet and people and it reminds me every time I wear my beautiful blouse!

P1560616 2


This comfortable and soft pair of leggings is actually active wear and I love wearing them to the gym. But conscious consumers use their clothing to the fullest. That’s why I wear them to bed, in the plane aaaand paired with this gorgeous blouse. Because -sorry Blair Waldorf – leggings are pants! They make a perfect contrast to the wide and structured blouse and feel like lounge wear while still looking elegant. The organic cotton jersey fabric is soft and warming. They are sustainably and ethically made in Egypt by SEKEM, an economic project that supports fair and sustainable businesses in Egypt.

P1560502 2

I’ve featured these beauties in one of my latest outfit posts already. I love that large zipper on both sides of the shoe and that chunky heel that makes walking in them so easy and comfortable. They are PETA approved, made ethically in Portugal from breathable microfibre and are water resistant.


I’ve had my eye on the Alexandra K purses for a while now. I always wanted one of her little bags but when my bestie Sarah got herself one of the Maxi tote bags in a soft blue colour, she convinced me that I need one in my life. So I ranked the Maxi tote bag in Blackberry high on my wish list and on my 21st birthday it sat on my bed in all of it’s beauty – gifted by my perfect boyfriend. My laptop fits perfectly in it, there are a lot of little pockets inside so that everything stays organised, it is structured and perfect for work, uni and traveling – which is basically my life. It has a zipper and a buckle made from gold hardware (you can choose between gold and silver).
It is ethically handmade in Poland from synthetic fabric and has won the Vegan Fashion Award. Other than lots of vegan bags, it is not made from highly toxic chemical compounds like PVC.



A took my white summer skirt out of the closet and decided that I want to make the most out of my clothes by wearing them all year round. I added a classic ethical t-shirt, a pair of killer boots and a headband to perfect the look.

Headband by Mithra
T-Shirt by Vatter (€39)
Skirt by Aware (25€)
Vegan heeled boots by No Animal Brand

The Shirt

If you want to start buying ethically and sustainably, start with the most classic clothing pieces of them all: the white t-shirt. It’s needed in every closet – male or female – and this one has a great fit. The Vatter shirt is made from GOTS certified organic cotton using only  chemical free and sustainable techniques and is ethically made in Turkey and Greece.  Lots of chemicals like pesticides are used growing conventional cotton which is harmful for the environment and people’s health. Additionally, a lot of water is used during the growing process. Organic cotton is farmed without chemicals, using only natural pesticides and fertilisers which is why a lot water is saved using natural techniques.
Vatter doesn’t just use sustainable methods in their clothing production. The company uses recycled packaging and only uses vegetable-based printing on it. The clothing pieces are shipped using DHL GoGreen.


Headband by Mithra

The headband

My favourite show as a teenager and let’s be real – still is -Gossip Girl. I used to get so excited when people told me I look like “Blair Waldorf”. She is my favourite. If you know the show then you know that headbands are her thing and I get why. They are can add the extra something to your look.
This two-coloured headband is made from soft ribbed Lycra. The fabric is sourced from Malaga. All the Mithra headband’s materials come from all over the world. The designer and founder of the brand travels all over the world and purchases the fabrics. The textiles are from México, Indonesia, California, Berlin, Dublin, and Málaga.
The headbands are all designed and Malaga, Spain and ethically produced in Malaga and Berlin. Mithra is a sustainable handmade brand inspired by nature, travel and people. Mithra emerges from my own passion to wear headpieces, hearties and head-wraps since I was a child. Our products are fair trade and hand crafted with love between Málaga (Spain) and Berlin. We support local and slow fashion. We aim to reuse everything so that we use every fabric left over possible and nothing goes waste.

P1550441 P1550557 P1550650



Skirt by Aware





  • BAHATIKA 129,00 € & 110,00 €

I haven’t been a fan of sneakers-outside-the-gym at the beginning of that movement years ago but I do like it now! I do own a pair of white tennis shoes that I love to wear on a casual day. However, I haven’t dared to go the extra mile and do the full on sneaker (literally wearing sports shoes as street wear) look yet. These Bahatikas have that sports shoes design BUT Bahatika put sequins on the sides and on the toes which I’m loving! They are glam instead of gym.

The second pair of Bahatika shoes are athleisure inspired too but they have a espadrille rope wrapped platform and glitter stars on them. The stars and platforms give me these iconic Stella McCartney shoes vibes but at a waaaayy lower price point (one day though, Stella). Definitely a pair of statement shoes!

Bahatika manufactures vegan shoes made from vegan leather and microfibre “Made in Italy” and designed in Vienna.

  • BEYOND SKIN £165.00 & £225.00 & £175.00

I love overknee boots! I own a pair of grey heeled one. These two styles look so gorgeous too! Whether you like the heeled boots or the flat boots ones, they will make any outfit look elegant. Both are vegan of course.
The ankle boots with the shiny faux leather details look like the perfect everyday boots for fall and winter! You can wear them for every occasion because of their classy look. Whether it’s dinner, cocktails, a day in the city or school/uni/work, they’ll look good.
They are PETA approved, made ethically in Spain from Microfibre and water resistant!
Is there any more reason to get your hands on them?


VEGAN & FAIR OUTFIT: My new favourite dress + choker


I love dresses. They are easy to wear since you don’t have to match a top with a bottom. You just have to choose shoes and a coat/ jacket when it’s cold and you’re done. Love it.
This glittery dress is simple yet gorgeous and matches the choker perfectly. My good old black coat and my favourite heeled booties make the itsy-bitsy dress fall appropriate.

Dress by Noumenon (€118)
Choker by Noumenon €26)
Boots by Wills Vegan Shoes (£93)

The dress

I’ve had my eyes on this “Carrie” dress for a good year before I decided to buy it with some of the money I’ve earned during my internship. It’s perfection. Wear it for a night out to the club or at the bar, at daytime paired with sneakers or boots, in spring/ summer and fall/ winter (with a t-shirt or turtleneck underneath, a coat or jacket over it and warm boots). The dress is inspired by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw having her very first date with Big in Sex and the city. It’s easy and simple design made me fall in love with it. A new staple in my closet.
The fabric is amazing. It has a glittery sheen to it but it’s actually made from linen and not a plastic fabric which is why it has antibacterial properties. The dress is made ethically in Italy.
The company Noumenon is an all vegan, ethical and sustainable fashion brand based in Amsterdam.


The boots

These Wills Vegan Shoes black heeled boots look very similar to the ongoing sock boot trend that is happening right now. The add edge to the look while still looking feminine. I’ve been wearing them for a year, especially as motorcycle boots which is why they have a few scratches here and there. They are so comfortable yet stylish and made from vegan leather.

The choker

I bought the choker together with the dress. I think it matches perfectly! The label is Noumenon and you can read more about the brand at the dress section. It’s made from blush pink surplus furniture fabric.




After my trip to Asia where I’ve became more aware of animal cruelty and the lack of knowledge of the vegan movement I think it’s important to incorporate at least one clothing piece to your wardrobe that spreads the vegan message, making people more aware of veganism.

Lately there are vegan fashion labels popping up that design cute vegan fashion ethically. I’ve picked out my favourite pieces for spreading animal rights awareness!


Made from 100% Micro Modal, ethically Made in Bali by our awesome crew with vegan inks

  • RAW APPAREL £24.00

Made from 100% organic cotton, unisex, available in white and navy, PETA-Approved, ethically made, a low carbon footprint


Made from 100% organic cotton, Öko Tex print, FairWear certified


Made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, sustainably printed in Oakland


Made from 100% organic cotton, printed on American Apparel t-shirt (sweatshop free), cruelty free



Cossac coat











The weather gets cooler and everyone is getting their coats out of their closets. A good elegant coat is what I love since it makes your whole look more put together! I do like being comfortable so a nice coat and a good pair of shoes saves me from looking too relaxed.  Read more ›