Vegan guide to Cyprus, Limassol


I’ve spent 10 wonderful days with my boyfriend and family in Limassol, Cyprus during my Christmas break and let me tell you, we enjoyed every single day! The weather was perfect, not freezing cold like Vienna or London. I loved feeling the sun on my face in December and getting some Vitamin D in. The culture there was incredible!


Kolossi Castle

We’ve been to the castle from 1454 not far from Limassol and I quite liked it. It’s always interesting to see that old architecture and you can go on the roof of the Castle to enjoy a great view!



A must when you go to Cyprus! Kourion was an ancient city-state and you can still see its remains nowadays. It’s truly inspiring to see it! There is a theatre that is over 2000 years old, a bath complex, a Nymphaeum (monument constructed for nymphs), lots of old beautiful columns and more. Definitely plan lots of time for this one! You’ll need at least 2 hours to soak up all the incredible ruins! Plus, there is a great beach close to it, so make sure to go there as well!


Waterfalls and hikes

Cyprus is great for hiking! Choose one of the many waterfalls on Cyprus and hike there! I loved our hike through the forest and the waterfall at the end was the highlight. Although it was not as massive as the Tegenungan in Bali, it was still beautiful and a great day trip.



There are lots of small villages on the island that gave me serious Greece vibes. We went to walk around a village before we went on that hike and it was so peaceful and beautiful!




Lady’s Mile Beach

A nice beach in Limassol that has lots of Cafés and restaurants is the Lady’s Mile Beach. Make sure to look out for the Flamingos on the drive way to the beach! We’ve been there on the 25th when the restaurants were closed. It was still beautiful and calm in a good way.


Columbia beach club

I loved this beach club! There is a pool, chairs and tables at the beach as well as an inside area for when it’s a bit colder. The interior is very nice and gave me serious Bali vibes with their basket style hanging chairs and cool plants. Perfect to have a freddo espresso (vegan since it’s without milk) and chill a bit.

Vegan food

Cyprus reminded me a lot of Greece, especially Crete but it still was a bit different. During my teen years I’ve spent quite a lot of summers and Easter breaks at my godfather’s and my family’s villa on Crete. Even my boyfriend and bestie enjoyed their time their. When it comes to food, Crete has some amazing traditional vegan dishes to offer: fava, courgette balls, salads, stuffed vine leaves, bean dishes and more. So being vegan on Crete was never a problem.
When we came to Cyprus we didn’t know exactly how much vegan food we’re going to find but we knew it would be similar to Greece. It was a good thing that we stayed at my godfather’s and his boyfriend’s place so that we were able to cook at home on some days. For breakfast you have to go and get the amazing produce Cyprus has to offer! We ate sweet strawberries, oranges, apples, plums and more for breakfast and even found coconut yoghurt to change it up a bit. When it comes to dining out we’ve been to a tavern one time which was unfortunately not a good (vegan) experience. Their stuffed vine leaves were filled with pork meat and the only vegan dishes they had was a salad, french fries,  pita bread, houmous and tahini dips. So it was not ideal and Max just noticed that there was meat in the vine leaves after taking a bite (they didn’t say it on the menu) – vegan nightmare am I right?
The best restaurant we’ve been to in Limassol (except the incredible Four Seasons we’ve been to on Christmas Eve that made us a vegan menu) – Wagamama. I know, I know, it’s a chain restaurant that you can go to in London as well. But honestly, it’s perfect for when you travel with omnivores. Their vegan options are great and it’s situated in the nice Marina area of Limassol where you can look at the yachts and have a drink at a nice bar afterwards. We’ve also seen places that offer vegan falafel wraps/ pittas for example. So there are options if you go and look around. But I’d say Cyprus is more on the challenging side when it comes to vegan food.

Overall, I loved my stay in Limassol and I can recommend you going there in December as well since there are less tourists. I think it’s definitely an underestimated island that has lots to offer!




Vegan guide to Paris

P1560815 (1)

For my boyfriend and my 5 year anniversary we’ve travelled to Paris for 3 days. Paris was our first journey together back in 2014 and we loved it. It’s a magical city with great architecture and lots of culture to offer. Back in 2014 I  was already vegan and Max was vegetarian. The funny thing is actually that Max wanted to go vegan as well but specifically wanted to wait for after our Paris trip to eat lots of non vegan crêpes. He ate about 2 nutella crêpes a day. After that trip he kept his promise and became vegan. I on the other hand was already vegan – even trying to stay rawtill4 😅. Let me tell you. It was so hard. I basically lived off maki, food from le Pain Quotidien and fruit.

A little more than 3 years later and we revisited the French capital city again. This time both of us were vegan and ready to explore the vegan scene in Paris. I arrived with one goal in my head. I wanted to find vegan croissants, vegan macarons and vegan pain au chocolat. When it comes to sweets I love french patisserie! It’s my absolute favourite! And spoiler alert, I’ve managed to find all 3 of the vegan versions!

*please not that this blog post wasn’t planned and therefore the photos are not the best. They are mostly photos I took for my Instagram Story. However so many of you guys asked me questions of the vegan places I’ve been to in Paris so I had to improvise*

Gentle Gourmet

This restaurant has the best vegan dinner that Paris has to offer. It’s definitely more on the elegant side and the prices are a bit higher. But I love seeing upper class vegan restaurants and Gentle Gourmet is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Europe now! They also offer vegan pastries by day but because of the opening hours, we couldn’t make it there. I’m sure it’s perfect for tea and macarons! But the service was amazing and they gave us a selection of their macarons to go after request.


Cauliflower soup -one of the best soups I’ve ever had!


Gnocchi in vegetable soup

img_0965.jpg IMG_0990

That chocolate sauce was sooooo freaking good! They need to fill it up and sell it in litre bottles!

Of course we had some hot chocolate with a selection of their petits fours 😀

Love Juice Bar

I found a super instagrammable juice bar and it’s fabulous! It definitely reminded me of the places we’ve been to in Bali. Beautiful modern interior and delicious nutritious food that looks straight out of Instagram. It’s small and hidden but it’s still a place I’d definitely visit again.


I had an acai bowl and a green juice and Max had a chocolate smoothie.


Hank Burger & Hank Pizza

These two places are close to each other and are fairly new. They are also VERY casual. I appreciate every vegan place out there but I have to say the food is not the best I’ve ever eaten. The pizza is what was served at your school’s cafeteria – but vegan. It wasn’t gross but it’s not a must. The burgers are the same. Not disgusting but also not the best vegan burger I’ve ever had. I guess Paris is not as developed as Germany or Austria or other places I’ve been to when it comes to vegan food and it has not that much diamonds to offer.






Cloud Cakes

It’s a cute cafe offering vegan sweets like cupcakes, breakfast, sandwiches and salads. They have vegan croissants on the menu but they seem to be sold out all the time. We didn’t have luck to get a croissant when we were there. The salad was good but nothing special and Max’ sandwich was pretty basic as he said. But what bothered us the most was the rude staff at that place. Since my brother works in gastronomy I appreciate good service at cafes, restaurants and bars and I try to tip accordingly. But I also dislike rude people very much when I comes to having food or drinks. So this was a no-go and I wouldn’t come again.


Let’s leave the not so great places of Paris behind and move on to one of the best and me finding 2 of my 3 baked goods I wanted to find in Paris. Laelo is a cafe offering juices, smoothies, coffee, turmeric latte, cakes, french patisserie and more. We got a chai latte and a turmeric latte along with a little chocolate cake topped with the most delicious chocolate mousse, pain au chocolat and croissants to go that we ended up eating at the Orangerie looking at the Seine and Eiffel tower. Everything was delicious! I can definitely recommend it!

P1560776 P1560788 P1570611

Have you eaten vegan in Paris? Are there places you’d recommend?


My fair & vegan Paris look – cold France in November

P1570827I’ve been flying to Paris to celebrate my boyfriend’s and mine 5th anniversary! It was so lovely. I’ve eaten a lot of vegan food, enjoyed the architecture and have been to art and fashion museums. However, it was quite cold in the city so a comfortable and stylish, yet warming outfit was needed. I’ve worn this outfit two days in a row (which I usually never do) because it satisfied all these mentioned needs.

Laila Roll Neck Top in black by People Tree £39
Inga High Waist Denim by Armed Angels €99.90
Luxe High-Heeled Boots in Black by Wills Vegan Shoes £93
Blackberry Maxi tote bag by Alexandra K €269



The People Tree turtleneck is one of my new favourite pieces! Elegant, classy, comfortable, warming and timeless. I tucked it into my high waisted jeans and paired it with black heels and my good old coat (not ethical or sustainable – bought it a couple of years ago). Made ethically in India from organic cotton and elastane.




Jeans by Armed Angels

Another favourite of mine: the Armed Angels jeans. An everyday piece that is made ethically in Turkey from GOTS certified organic cotton and spandex. The spandex percentage is very low though, so be aware that it won’t be like your pair of stretchy jeans. They are very old school. After washing them, you’ll probably be dancing around the flat to get them on (especially my fellow big booty girls). I’ve already featured them in a couple of posts including the cossac coat outfit post and the Herbivore t-shirt post.




Boots by Wills Vegan Shoes

Although they are heels, they are super comfortable. They have that big chunky block heel and 2 big zippers on each side for you to get them on in a second. The Will Vegan Shoes are made ethically in Portugal from Italian faux microfibre materials  and are PETA approved. I’ve featured these boots in a lot of posts as well including the outfit post about my current favourite dress.



The newest member of my closet and the newest piece of this look. Perfect to hold those croissants and pain au chocolat in! This vegan bag is ethically made and I’ve already featured it in my white blouse post.



Backpack ansvar III by MELAWEAR



Sandals BY BLANCH (on sale!)

Vic Sunglasses in Smoke by ACE AND TATE

If you follow my Instagram then you know that I’m always on the go and traveling whenever I have the opportunity. Since my camera is always on my side wherever I go, I’m carrying a hand luggage to put my camera in, even when I’m traveling with a suitcase. For my family visits to Vienna I’m just taking my necessities in a carry-on.

A non-leather, cruelty free and fair manufactured carry-on is hard to find though. That’s why I was very excited to get to know Melawear. There bag is ideal for traveling, as a gym bag or even for getting groceries (refuse those plastic bags!). It’s made ethically and sustainably out of organic cotton and it’s available in blue (like mine), black and pink (so cute as well!).

Now here’s the exciting part: MELAWEAR and I are giving away 3 Backpack ansvar III carry-on bags! One in blue, one in pink and one in black. To participate all you have to do is follow MELAWEAR and me on Instagram and tag 2 friends in the comments. Deadline to participate is on Friday the 18th of August 2017.

Good luck!

Vegan food in Ubud at the Elephant restaurant

June and July have been all about traveling. Max and I have been to Thailand, Singapore and Bali. After 2 weeks in Bali, I can say that the island is hands down, vegan heaven.

One of my highlights in Ubud:

The elephant restaurant. The beautiful restaurant in Ubud with an amazing view offers healthy dishes with lots of vegan options. Additionally, it is making an effort to be more sustainable which I absolutely love! The restaurant is trying to be as much ‘zero waste‘ as possible: plastic is avoided at all times, organic waste gets fed to the pigs, reusables gets reused. Lots of ingredients they use are local and organic. They even filter their own rainwater to conserve water. In short, a sustainable restaurant heaven.

When it comes to the food, let me tell you, it was delicious. We’ve had the rice paper rolls,  garlic bread, steamed greens, coconut noodle soup, vegan spaghetti bolognaise and the potatoes along with a coconut and the green juice. As a dessert we’ve shared the mango sticky rice and I can tell you, I’ve never been so full in my life.

The day before we’ve been to their sister restaurant in Canggu, the Green Ginger noodle house which offers similar dishes in a more causal and smaller venue. The food was incredible as well and a must when you’re in the Canggu area!

Simply look at the photos I’ve taken of the venue and the vegan food and I’m sure the elephant restaurant will be a must at your next Bali trip.


FILMED BY Max, Sarah & me



I’ve spent some quality time with my besties Max and Sarah in Greece and of course, we had to capture our highlights in a video.



DRESS AND COAT BY American Apparel

This is a fun little video Max, Ava (Max’ sister) and I created in a night in LA after getting pasta in Jones.