Cheap & easy things YOU can do for the environment

If the recent report of the IPCC has shocked you, you are not alone. It makes one think what can be done about it. Our environment is polluted by humans and climate change is not the only problem. We all know about the plastic in our oceans and landfills and have seen the photos of … Continue reading Cheap & easy things YOU can do for the environment


I love changing my lifestyle to help the environment, the animals and the people on this planet. Every day you spend money and almost every decision you make or action you take is about money. And every single time you spend money, you vote. You tell the company you are giving money that you want … Continue reading THE ULTIMATE DO-GOOD-LIST


SOLID DEODORANT BY Lamazuna SHAMPOO BAR FOR NORMAL HAIR BY Lamazuna TEA TREE OIL MAKEUP REMOVAL PADS BY Lamazuna Okay, so I'm not completely zero waste like Lauren Singer. But I'm aware of the fact that there is A LOT of plastic in our everyday life which cannot be recycled and ends up in the ocean. … Continue reading (almost) PLASTIC FREE BATHROOM ESSENTIALS